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  1. This is a first to me. I've been using Crestview Rv in Georgetown, TX ever since the first day they opened. I use them routinely and whenever something out of the ordinary pops up and have never been unhappy with the work they do. After my normal end of year work plus some additional services, yesterday I received a letter from the service manager offering me a small reward for the next time I use their services. This was completely unexpected but sincerely appreciated. I have recommended the use of their services in the past and needless to say I will continue to do so, with or without the incentive. As an old marketeer I understand the wisdom of such a reward. I've just never seen one before.
  2. I recommend you have it checked by a qualified RV repair facility. I don't have the same set up as you but when mine won't retract (I have four), I can use a pry bar under the offending jack at the same time my automatic system is in the "store" mode. Goes up without any problem. If you check your manual, there should be an explanation as to hou to use the mechanism itself to rise the jacks. No matter how much I read it I'm simply not enough mechanically inclined to understand.
  3. x2. I too am retired Army and live within about 40 miles of Ft. Hood with all the facilities there. However, I get better choice of meats and produce at a HEB and WalMart two miles from my house than I would at Ft. Hood. Forget that what you pay at PX's and commissaries are no better than what you get "on the economy", the choices just aren't as good. It seems that many, if not most, of the "bennies" that were promised to me when I entered service in 1959 are gone or disappearing. Now that we are going to have to pay for TFL, that's close to the last straw. If I were I young person thinking of entering the service, I'd think again.
  4. This is for me AND my wife. One: List your name. Denny and Kylene Two: List the branch of service you were in. Army Three: List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service. Me - 23+ years, Kylene - eight years. Four: List your rank while in service.. MSG & SSG Five: List your job while in service (I think it was your MOS) Both were 98G, Russian and Czech linguists Six: List where you served. (NAM, DESERT STORM, ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, WW2, KOREA) VN, Japan, Germany, Turkey.
  5. Oh I love my 2006 Saturn Vue! Not a problem with it after being driven 53K miles and about 20K being towed. I would never again buy a GM product.
  6. In Florence, stay at the Pacific Pines RV Park just off Highway 101. Check out reviews on rvparkreviews.com.
  7. There are two state parks in GJ/Fruita area that are well recommended by others but my guess is that they are restricted to 14 days per stay. If you are able, you could alternate between the two. There is another private park there that I almost stayed in called Monument RV Park that doesn't look too bad. You might also try www.rvparkreviews.com for other options.
  8. Bill, I think you are correct regarding separate pumps for diesel. I'm pretty sure that the site only means that there is diesel available.
  9. Bill, As far as I'm aware, there is no restriction regarding gas or diesel, even though it was started in response to a number of us grousing about not being able to get big rigs into pumps where the pumps point straight at the station. An enterprising man from Canada just magically created the site and now I'm just trying to get the word out to all. To me it's self-serving, and I don't mean at the pump! You are correct about hard to get a large diesel into a regular pump at many places. Most that I've seen are on the end pump and sometimes that helps. However, I feel your pain! PS I just checked the site and there is a place for the submitter to add if it has diesel as well.
  10. I would like to encourage everyone who travels and gets gas (not diesel) to support www.rvfriendlygas.com in the same manner as they support www.rvparkreviews.com. This site was started recently by a fellow forum member responding to the needs of those who suggested what we are looking for when trying to find a service station that allows us easy access without the worry of having to unhitch our TOAD. Diesels generally don't have this problem as there is normally a separate place for them to refuel. However, if you have a diesel and want to submit your info, I'm sure it would be welcome. I will post this on a couple other forums as well. PS I just checked the site and there is a place for the submitter to add if it has diesel as well.
  11. Y'all might have your problems solved by now, but just in case... DirecTv offers DNS for either coast for $14 per month or both coasts for $20. I'm sitting in my house (which I am in eight months each year) and have both coasts on all my TVs here and also in my MH. It makes no difference if you have SD or HD as I used to have SD at home and in the MH and now have HD in the MH. I still get DNS, both coasts, all in HD. I have been with DirecTv since the edge of darkness and there is a possibility that I may be "grandfathered" in, but I doubt it.
  12. You must be a young guy as there never was anything above CW4 when I retired. Besides, it was always common knowledge that a 1SG was FAR more respected than any Warrant could hope to be.
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