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  1. Well the BCC like Bill said is the battery control center a black box under the hood. On my case is labeled f73-1020. Bill point is true low or reverse battery can be a problem, but my issue start actually before my first post. I keep losing all the battery power from chassis and house battery after 2 days of the🔌. If i don't run the engine or keep it plugged even when everything isn't be used my batteries will died. I also found that my house batteries and chassis battery won't linked together due to a possible fail on the hatching solenoid inside the BCC. Now my next step is to pull out the BCC to rebuild the solenoid and fix the feeds coming to the solenoid. The battery wiring to it is a hazard since the bolts feeding the battery power to inside the box have skinny plastic grommets that become melted and can fried the hole coach. I'll keep taking pictures and maybe a video. If anyone have any ideas to share we are welcome to have them. Thanks guys
  2. Well it looks I have a problem on the BCC. I finally get it to start new firewall solenoid the old has a switch connector grounded. I got it running the alternator is charging 14.3 volt. The issue with the power shows today again. After 10 mins drive to pump gas the cluster turns crazy the something on front of the driver side start clicking. Looks like the BCC or something on it. After that I get no power to the gen-set infact my house 110 volt start flickering and the generator will kill them when I try to start it. Tomorrow I'll take it apart i post picture for a future troubleshooting. Thanks you all if anyone have any feedbacks they are welcome.
  3. Well so far batteries full. I found the aux start solenoid is not working g but the chasis baterry is 100% tested a 700 cca and good. I get a fresh number 7 blowing. It should be the starter fuse since I didn't a test and it blows right when you switch the starter to cranck. I'll said the firewall relay/solenoid when out. My boy was the one start the engine that day and he leave stuck for a moment. Im still have to figured out the charging problem after I get it running.
  4. Ok update. . I finally figured out the problem. On the house batteries they are just 40% charge but they where wired wrong. The red cables are ground(neg)On the very left and the very right black single cable is the +(positive). I get them right and plug a construction gen and get the coach gen running. Now I still have no luck starting the engine. I try the aux start and no crank. I wi keep the gen running hoping the chassis battery get charged. Definitely I'm Getting a regular chassis battery instead of a deep cycle. So far generator running everything looks fine except no cracking or clicking or anything on the coach engine. Thanks
  5. First problem the hpuse battery where wired wrong. Coming positive cable coming on in the negative of the bat connector connected on series coming out on the positive side to the negative cable. I have try to get the 6 volts change for the last 4 hours they are just 40 % have it on the rig the right way but I can get the battery switched to came on. Same thing with the chassis they said it charge full but I can get the switch on no power on the engine or generator. Can something else be wrong.? Will a secondary generator be enough to power the original gen on? I know with the gen running I can get back home. Thanks guys.
  6. Well i just bought the coach. The 2 chassis 6v batteries are new F20 shows the sticker as well as the engine 24 group deep cycle. I try to jump the the generator right straight to the positive cable on the gen but won't crank. Can the low voltage make my transmission disengaged? The battery gauge was showing not charge when I first start today. I have to plug it to start. After a it runs for a little it came back to changing position but after 10 minutes drive the transmission stop and everything happens. Which battery power the generator to start? Thanks
  7. I have a 99 36z arrow vision. I couple times I found the batteries dead. I had plug the cord and get the engine running and after a while ran the generator to keep them charged. Today I try to do the same but the generator won't start. I drive out and the motorhome died on me while driving. The transmission start acting weird, the gen never start but I told it will drive good with the alternator. Obviously the alternator is no good. I have no charger on except for the engine. And the cabin ac. There is any way to jump the generator to star? I know I can run the MH on the gen. Thanks
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