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  1. yes it's helpful to know year, make and model as well as which slide type you have with which slide is giving you a problem. Was the MH engine running, where you running off of shore power or just batteries?
  2. Just my two cents.. Just out of curiosity do you have Glass Replacement on your RV Insurance ? If so, they might cover it if you tell them the windshield is compromised. Which to me isn't a lie, it definitely is. This shouldn't count against your insurance as a claim either.
  3. Hi during the time I had a Georgetown V10 Class A gasser I've always brought along my Innova 3160G Diagnostic Scan tool in case I had issues with my MH or the toad. I might not be able to fix an issue on either, depending on the problem but at least I'll know what the issue is but now moving up to a 2018 Winnebago Forza 38W with it's Cummins 6.7l Diesel I find myself needing yet another Scan tool that can use the J1939 connector. I've been looking out there and have read on Bluefire 9-Pin J1939/J1708 Green Connector Bluetooth Android/Windows Adapter (about $180) with Bluetooth that basically runs off an app on my phone. I could leave this plugged in all the times and it seems to be able to supply my a wide variety of normal running information plus any faults with detail explanation of what can be done to help repair it plus resetting it once completed. So my question to those out there in the know, is there something better for about the same money? Has anyone used this particular Bluefire Adapter for this application and are you happy with it? If not why? I'm open to any and every comments, good or bad so I can make up my mind. I want to thank everyone for their input. I tried to insert the URL for referencing but not sure if it worked so I'm including it here. https://bluefire-llc.com/store/9-pin-j1939j1708-500k-android-adapter
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