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  1. I would like to inform fellow FMCA members that RVs are no longer welcome to park at Turning Stone Casino, Verona, New York. After staying one night in the truck parking lot at $20 for 48 hours we decided to fill up with diesel fuel and go to the casino for breakfast and some gaming before checking in at the Villages RV park, all owned by Turning Stone Resorts. We no sooner arrived in the parking lot, where buses park and we have parked many times in the past, when security arrived and told us we could not park at the casino. We either had to park at the truck lot at $20 or at the RV park at $45 per night, both about a mile away. When I tried to explain that we only stopped for breakfast and to kill time before check in at 1 PM at the RV park he said we could not park at the casino at all. We have no problem with The Villages at Turning Stone RV, in fact they are or were a commercial member of FMCA. Turning Stone has always been a popular stop of FMCA members traveling across New York state. RVers should not plan on stopping here any longer. Hopefully the Turning Stone management will change their policy in the near future but in the mean time let them know of your dissatisfaction. Raymond Houghtaling Cairo, NY F283240
  2. Where can I find instructions on adjusting the slide on a 2000 Monaco Knight/HR Ambassador? Thanks.
  3. We attended Janet Trannum (www.almostheavenproducts.com) seminar in Bowling Green last year and she said or water stains use equal parts club soda/ bleach/ hot water, spray it on and walk away. We have used hydrogen peroxide and water and it worked very well. I also tried it on water stains on drapes and it worked fairly well. But I would test anything first in a closet where it won't be seen first. Good luck, Ray
  4. Ray F283240 Navy 1966 - 1970 BT 2 Boilermen '66-68 USS Francis Marion APA 249, '68-'70 USS Gainard DD 706 Snipes never new where we were or where we were going I would have stayed for 20 but I was in love, still am after 40 years
  5. I've used JB Weld on a verity of matireal. They make different kinds for different matireals. Just be sure the surface is cleaned good.
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