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  1. We are new to RVing and to FMCA. You may be seen my request for information in the FMCA 5th Wheel Forum site I posted last week. I want to buy new tires for our 31 ft 15,000 GVWR 5th wheel. I have gotten FMCA tire options for Goodrich, Michelin, and Hankook. This is the tire information:Goodrich LT 235/85R16120R COMMTAAS2LREGO (Thread COMMTAAS2); MSPN 34213Goodrich LT 235/85R16120/116S ATTAK02RWL (Thread AT/TAK02); MSPN 75445Goodrich LT 235/85R16 120QCOMM TRAC LRE (Thread COMTRACT); MSPN 58509Michelin LT 235/85R16120/116R AGILIS CC (Thread AGILIS CC); MSPN 65681HanKOOK LT235/85R16 (Thread Dynapro AT M); Model 2001150I also talked to Discount Tire because we intend to travel throughout the US and Canada and Discount Tires is in a lot of locations. They recommended Hartland ST235/86R16 ST Radials 14 ply Load 4080 lbs and said they would not put on a LT tire on my 5th wheel based on their experience with similar rigs.On the Forum site on person recommended using Sailun S637 14 ply commercial ST tires and said they are built like Goodyear LR tires, all steel belting, etc. and have a speed rating for 75 MPH and load index is 129 = 4079 lbs.Can you please help and give me your recommendation on the best direction to follow.P.S. My rig manufacturer tag has the tire size as: LT235/85R16E.
  2. The dealer thought we could go with either LT or ST tires. Based on this information I'm most likely going to get the ST tires. They also recommended Discount Tire because they have many locations and good service. This has been a BIG help and I really appreciate everyone's input. I'll get in touch with Tireman9 and get his input also. Jay
  3. Thank y'all very much for the comments, they really help as I'm new to RVing and Forum. Is there a tire expert at Forum I can call? Do they have any online classes? I went to FMCA for the tire quote and they came back with quotes for BF Goodrich, Michelin and Hankook with (LT) tires. I went to Discount Tires and they said I need Hartland (ST) tires. However research on Hartland tires came back with negative comments. I'll talk to the location where I bought the rig and get their comments. The load range I need is 15,000 GVWR. Jay
  4. I am new to RVing and want to buy new tires for my 30 Ft 15,000 GVWR 5th wheel. Does anyone have any recommendations on which ones to buy. The manufacturer tag has the tire size on rig as: LT235/85R16E. J
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