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  1. 100% the relay. I'd swear that it even works better now.
  2. Fortunately it appears that it's just the relay. I ordered one from RVA and it should be here tomorrow. I really appreciate help. I'll post an update when it's for sure.
  3. We have the RVA leveling system which is currently busted. The motor started smoking during retraction and the only option I had was to cut power to it. I was able to manually retract the jacks. Well, it turns out that that pump works the slides too. I need to get the two main slides closed. The owners manual is of no help. Anybody have an idea on how to do get this done? If not, I'll call BCS tomorrow AM.
  4. We just bought a 2003 Beaver Monterey. I'm having a **** of a time finding the replacement water filter. It appears that Pentek has stopped making these. Anyone have the same issue? What was the solution? I really don't want to replumb the whole thing. Thanks for your time.
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