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  1. My tire guy who sells Goodyear, Michelin, and Continental steered me to Continental, so I put 6 on last summer. Only have about 5K on them, but satisfied so far. He didn't like Goodyear tires, and wouldn't recommend buying overpriced Michelins.
  2. As the originator of this topic I can tell you it wasn't low air, it wasn't leveling system. I got some dielectric grease and coated the terminations of the oil pressure sensor on the side of the engine. I have driven in rain a couple of times since with no reoccurance of the chime. Might have fixed it?
  3. The tire guy I talked to, who has been in the tire business for 40 years, recommended the Continentals, so thats what I put on mine.
  4. I am looking for a folding TV mount for a flat-panel TV in the cargo area of my motorhome. Anyone know of a good one? Haven't found one that I like.
  5. I am not surprised. I was fueling at a J a couple of weeks ago and there was a Slob emptying his tanks without the benefit of attaching a hose. What a mess. I am constantly amazed at how inconsiderate the human race can be.
  6. I just had and RV dealer replace my electric heater element in my Atwood, and he installed an anode road as drain plug. What will this do to an Atwood?
  7. I have a recently purchased a 2005 HR Endeavor that has a Shurflo pump in it. When I fill tank with water, the pump seems to work fine. When tank gets down to about 1/2, I start having cavitation problems. When you turn water on, you hear the pump motor running, like no load on it. If you keep the water trickling out the faucet it eventually will start pumping. I have taken the filter off and cleaned it out. When I take the incoming line loose, shouldn't water in the tank run out?
  8. Thanks for any advice. Have any of you heard about water splashing up onto oil sending unit causing alarm. I have heard that and the fact that it normally won't show up on diagnostics, which the Cummins people want to do. Friend of mine had this on different engine and covered sending unit terminals with silicone and went away. Anyone else had this?
  9. dwilson787

    Warning Chime

    I'm fairly new to motorhoming. I was driving our recently purchased 2005 Holiday Rambler Endeavor back from a weekend out and it was raining. About 5 miles from home I noticed a warning chime, like you get when you leave the keys in your car, was going off. I checked all the gauges, and the dash and had no warning lights or unusual gauge readings. I pulled in the driveway and it continued until it got very faint and then I couldn't hear it anymore. I have driven on dry road a few miles since with no warning chime. Anyone have any ideas? The engine is the Cummins ISL 400-horsepower pusher.
  10. On our recently purchased 2005 Endeavor with 400 HP Cummins, pushing the mode button does not turn the light on. Don't know if supposed to or not applicable on this model.
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