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  1. Thanks so much rich. There is actually a monitor mounted next to the a/c control that monitors everything. I check it all the time lol. I do really appreciate everyone's input and cant thank yall enough. The new starter should be in on Friday.
  2. Thank you so much desertdeals69 wow thats pretty cool that you can machine some of the parts. We ordered the starter assembly today from Amazon. My husband feels fairly confident he can fix it himself
  3. I should also probably mention its a gas generator and not diesel.
  4. Hey Rich, Thank you for responding. He does have mechanical knowledge and know how. He's worked on lawn equipment before and actually has some aviation electronics knowledge. Would this be a somewhat easy fix ??
  5. Hey FMCA family, my husband and I are new RV owners and we had a small mishap with our generator. We have a 1997 Tiffin allegro bus with an onon marquis 7000 generator. my husband went to turn the generator off and thinks he may have accidentally hit the start switch while the generator was in the process of turning off. he also managed to hit some kind of 12 volt switch. since then when we go to start the generator it makes a horrible grinding sound. we've checked the oil in the generator and the oil is fine. does anyone know if there is anyway for us to fix the generator ourselves or do we have to bring it to an rv repair shop?? keep in mind we have an appointment with a repair shop for September 1st but itll take 5 to 7 days just for them to look at Rv once its there and we are keeping our eyes on a system that may potentially make it into the gulf this week which is of some concern as we live in louisiana
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