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  1. In remodeling my 2002 windsor coach dining area I had looked at a number of threads of great looking projects from fellow RVers with improved results. Really liked what Adoh did to his coach which I have been wanting to do something similar with the dining table and 2 chair set up in my coach for some time. We seldom if ever use it for eating. We use trays at our couch in front of the TV when we eat in, so the table just becomes a catch all and takes up valuable floor space. It stuck out in the walk way from the front and back of the coach as you passed through the kitchen. Even with the slide out it was in the way, but with the slide in it was really in the way and I ran into that thing several times while parked or leaving or sitting up for a trip. It had to go. I am really pleased with it. Love your stools. Where did you get them.
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