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  1. I really appreciate this discussion, everyone. Mail delivery while on the road is a problem I have to solve in the next few days. I know FMCA promotes America's Mailbox and Your Best Address, but I'm seeing people frustrated with both of them in the FMCA forums as well as on Yelp. I especially love getting the details related to CCW and DMV registration time delays in SD due to Covid. I wouldn't have known. I may go with Escapees. Thanks for positive tips for them.
  2. Thanks. I sorted it out in my overall preferences at the account level. Now it’s working. Hey, thanks for the welcome!
  3. Thanks Kay, I appreciate the advice. I'll just head into it then. [And sorry it took me a bit to reply. I thought I had set up my account to get alerts when someone answers my post! I'm sure I'll find the info is here somewhere....] -Mark Thanks, Bill!
  4. Hi, I need some advice on rehanging the spare under my Winnebago (‘99 Adventurer 35’ with a Ford Chassis). The previous owner tossed out most of the hanger hardware, leaving me with just the hoist (the gear assembly) and the tire hoist bracket (pics are below). It's been stored inside under the bed but I want it out. There is also something I can’t figure out with it - the tire bracket doesn’t seem to work since it is not wide enough for the hole in the hub (see picture). (And yes, I am committed to keeping the the fully mounted spare.) So all that said, should I rebuild the old system by buying parts even though I’m not sure how to make the bracket span the hub, or just toss out what I have and install an aftermarket hoist with bracket and etc to make a completely new system? If you think this is the way to go, I’d appreciate a brand recommendation. You can see the diagram and the old hoist and bracket. Thanks for any help with this! -Mark
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