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  1. We had a 96 Vectra with the Allison MD3060, which, I assume you have. We had the same thing happen to us many years ago. The Allison is designed to be "Farmer Proof". In other words it will shut itself down for any reason. Our problem was "no throttle". The Allison computer lost contact with the throttle. If you can go under your coach and see if you can find the throttle cable that enters the transmission. It is held and secured by a "C" clamp. Our "C" clamp had broken off and the cable was allowed to wiggle around, causing the transmission to shut itself down. It was simply a matter of replacing the C clamp and re-educating the computer. Hope this helps.
  2. We have a 2002 Journey and had the same problem last year. I'll spare the details, but we bought the coach second hand and I believe the original owner had never used the Winterizing bypass system. We bought the rig in 2011 and never used the bypass either, until we had a new water pump installed near Dallas. The tech couldn't get the new water pump primed so he asked me to turn on the winterize bypass valve. The result was no water pressure on the hot side. Eventually we got to an RV repair center in Elkhart, IN. They removed the hot valve from the bypass and found that it was stuck in the closed position. They removed it and bypassed the whole system. Voila we now have hot water but can't use the bypass system. I should mention that we tried various other tactics, but all failed. I wrote about this in the forum last year and received a number of replies, none of which solved the problem. Did this just happen all at once or over some period of time? Have you used the bypass system recently? Hope this helps. Actionjackson
  3. I have the same coach. Just had a look at the compartment. From what I can see, if the water control center is still OK, you should be able to cut the bottom portion off and replace with new metal. You might want to try and find a "friendly" sheet metal shop who will spend some time cutting the metal for you. You'll need to do some scale drawings for the cutting part. I've done this kind of thing before and it's a BIG job, but not impossible. You might also try Dave Balser at RV ONE Inc. in Elkhart IN. This is the kind of stuff Dave is good at. Don't have his number handy but he has a web site. I'm thinking of replacing the floor in this compartment due to rusting issues. Good luck.
  4. I also renewed with CoachNet. We're grandfathered for our Motor Cycle. A couple of dollars extra in fees is peanuts. Actionjackson
  5. Thanks Brett. After my post, I realized that I already had a 12v plug, with 10 ga. wire, at the rear of the coach. This is for my M/C rack and winch. It was a fairly easy task to complete the wiring harness onto the Edge with a compatible plug back to the rear of the coach. A question regarding the fuse removal. Does the above procedure negate the removal for the Sync. fuse? Just wondering. Won't have a chance to test this system until next month. Thanks again.
  6. Recently bought the 2012 Edge and had it set up for towing behind our Winnebago Journey. FMCA towing guide did not suggest any modifications or fuse removal, just starting the vehicle each day. We have a Blue Ox Patriot braking system, which worked well with our previous TOAD. The Edge is a different cat. Way more electronics. The owners manual states that the ignition switch should be in the "second" accessory postion, which pretty much leaves the whole dash lit up. We only got about 20 miles when the Patriot signaled that the vehicle battery was low. I had done a minor charge on the Patriot and it might have been a bit low. But our car battery was dead. Had to jump the car to get it started. Had the vehicle battery checked out and it is A-OK. When we got home I phoned Blue Ox and the tech stated that the main "ATM" ignition fust had to be pulled. I couldn't find that fuse per se but did find Fuse #29 Radio Multi-function dispaly screen and SYNC module. I pulled that fuse and the screen went dead, with just a light on around the ignition. It's hard to tell just how much this #29 does and would this kill the car battery that soon? My question is, Is this the right fuse? Maybe someone else has some experience with the Edge as a Toad. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Further to my last posting regarding no hot water pressure. We came through Elkhart, IN on our way home to have this issure dealt with. The Tech at RVOne quickly figured out that it was not a water tank issue but either a check valve or hot water by-pass solenoid problem. He replaced the check valve and then determined that the hot water by-pass was probably kaput. He removed the solenoid and literally took it apart on the bench. The "plunger" on the inside was stuck either open or closed. He attempted a repair but to no avail. The solution was to remove the offending by-pass valve and put a plug in the hot water line. Voila, we have water through the hot water tank, the first since last December. Since I've never used the by-pass system this is hardly an inconvenience. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest.
  8. I tried calling the Winnebago info line. Always had luck previously. They've changed their policy now and are now informing you to contact a Winnebago dealer. We're in Mexico as I speak, so we've decided to shelve the idea until we get back into the U.S. The two water bypass solonoids are indeed in the water distribution center. This is going to be a nightmare accessing/testing them. My tech guru in Elkhart seems to think he can take one of the solonoids out and just by pass the bypass system. Don't use them to winterize, so it's not a big deal. We're probably looking at some serious money to simply replace them. When we get this figured out I'll repost. Thanks all.
  9. Thanks Rich, I have confirmed that there is cold water entering the water heater. The problem is after, in the hot water exit....
  10. Upon further review of the schematic, we found the winter bypass solenoids in the water service center. One cold and one hot. I'll access behind the panel after the rain stops and see if I can ascertain anything. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Water heater works on both LP and Electric. I opened the relief valve and then removed the bottom drain plug. I've confirmed that there is cold water entering the tank. I put a reverse hose on the hot water faucet at the next to the washer combo. Plenty of water coming out of the water heater. Didn't notice any strange particulate escaping from the tank. None of the hot water faucets are working. There IS a very very small trickle evident from all the taps. I'm still leaning towards by pass valve failure. Is this possibe?
  12. Sorry correct model is WKP36LD. I've looked at the schematic but can't see anything that looks like a bypass or check valve.
  13. Rich, It's a 2002 Journey DL. Looking up the link.
  14. This topic was discussed In January 2014. I am having the same problem. 2002 Winnebago Journey. I bought this unit 2nd hand 3 years ago and have never used the bypass valve. Not sure about the original owner. Winterized in November using compressed air to clear water lines. This is my preferred method. On the way south in December my water pump died and had to purchase a new pump. The tech at McClain's RV near Dallas was having trouble getting the pump primed and suggested that I turn on the by-pass valve. This seemed to work and off we went. Several hours later we discovered that we could not get any hot water at any of the faucets. By way of troubleshooting I unhooked the hot water hose at the Washer and hooked up a modified hose to the hot faucet. I had previously drained the hot water tank. I back washed about 3 gallons of water through the hot water tank. Didn't notice any particulate coming out of the tank. Hooked everything back up and still no hot water. I'm of the opinion that the valve on the hot side is closed. Brett Wolfe mentioned a check valve might be stuck. It would have to be a one way valve as I had no trouble back washing the line from the washer. Is my only option at this time to remove the tank and inspect the rear plumbing? Any information would be appreciated. actionjackson
  15. We also have a 2002 Journey DL, with the same HWH hydraulic set up, so I read with interest your problem. So far we have had no problems. Just for my own info, how much money are we talking about for your repairs? What really concerns me with some of these resales is what the dealers do with them while they sit on the lot. I've seen numerous occassions where they move the coaches without retracting the slides! I can only imagine what this does to the slide alighnment. Actionjackson
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