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  1. Rich, Thanks. I'm going to get "into-it" with the info you provided!! I went to the link you sent, and printed the picture. I think my cover is somehow just "stuck!" If it didn't make the "oogh" with the repeating "oogh" sound, then I would think it to be a more serious problem. Dennis R Guernsey Springfield, IL
  2. 2009 Monaco Knight 41SKQ My "step cover" (at the feet of cockpit passenger) WILL NOT close to cover the entry steps! When activated by the rocker-switch, it emits an "oogh" sound, a slight pause, followed by a duplicate "oogh" sound. I've tried everything. It doesn't work on dry-camp, it doesn't work on generator, nor does it work on 50-amp power. Not with ignition key on, or off. Not with battery cut-off rocker switch on, or off. The four slides are extended. It just occurred to me . . . maybe the slides need to be closed-in?? The ONLY time we've ever used the "step cover" is while traveling, and, of course, the slides wouldn't be extended. (just thinking out loud) My only "hunch" is that the inoperation is caused by a "fuse" or "relay" failure. I consulted the manual, and, I've searched the [chassis] fuse panel in the exterior left-front access door. New some suggestions, QUICKLY please. -- Dennis R Guernsey (217-787-7338) gurn_z@Comcast.net
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