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  1. I want to replace all 6 of mine XRV 255/80R22.5 Michelin tires, they are 7 yrs old look great no side wall cracks at all, tread wear even, have always kept proper pressure and not overloaded. On Aug. 5th I ordered new tire from my local dealer and he told me 4 to 6 weeks which I could live with but now after reading the FMCA forum I did some checking. Today Michelin told me that the tires are not in production and as far as the Rep. knew it would be 4 weeks before they would start production of that size tire. Michelin recommends that you change your tires before 10 yrs no matter how good your tire look, that's if you can get them. They told me they want me to be a happy customer and give me good service, well I am not happy and as for the service it, what service? I really don't want to change from Michelin but I am considering Goodyear or Toyo. Does anyone have any recommendations on which brand would be the best to change too.
  2. Thanks for the information. All is working right now.
  3. The owner's manual calls for removing fuse 32 for towing. I have done this but can not figure out what it is disabling. The odometer and back up screen stay lit? Does anyone know what the fuse is disabling? I have ask the GMC dealer but have not gotten an answer back yet. I know there are a lot of Terrain's being towed, is this normal?
  4. It's time for me to replace my CO detector in my RV. Does anyone know if I can use a CO detector from Home Depot or do I have to use one made for RV's? I read that the CO detectors for RV had to meet different test standards.
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