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  1. OMG, we have been looking forward to this Rally for months, but I would be unable to attend without an electrical hookup. I made my reservations in September. We plan to arrive Wed about noon with a small group of other FMCA members. I plan to call Monday morning, hope we will not have to cancel!!!! This would be crazy. Why bother making reservations.
  2. Indeed it is all of the above. Cost of fuel makes a long trip a luxury. Rallies in the same place every year mean that people at the far end of the travel spectrum may not want to try something new that requires a very long trip, especially with the family. Our one trip to the Redmond Rally a few years ago was disappointing. Most of the events were chapter oriented, leaving FMCA members without a chapter affiliation on their own for social events. The fact that so many members return every year, even with declining membership, shows the success of the organization and its appeal to a specific demographic. Dwindling attendance problems might require viewing the event with a new perspective: Moving venues, including new members to a greater extent, including RVers with other outlooks on recreation, such as toy haulers and class C's. Ultimately it is up to the association to decide on direction and membership goals. The FMCA, even with a declining attendance, is still a fine, worthwhile organization, and I offer my support through membership.
  3. I am looking into an extended warranty offered by Wholesalewarranty.net. They are suggesting a warranty backed by American Bankers Insurance administered by Allegence. I personally like extended warranties, and have kept one on all of my previous motorhomes. Just wondering if anyone has had an experience with this company? Thanks, Gary
  4. Very important. Some years ago, about 5, when stopping at a light in thankfully a rather empty intersection, I looked in my rear camera and watched my toad, a Saturn VUE, begin to slowly pull past the motorhome on the right. It was to be a short, 40 mile trip to the dealer for routine service, on a reasonably flat road, at speeds of about 45mph, so I didn't bother to hook up the supplemental brake. The tow mounts broke free of the car dropping the entire tow assembly, and the front grill and bumper of the car onto the ground. The car rolled off to the right, and I was able to exit the MH, reach the car which was not locked, and set the brake. No damage to anyone other than my car. The installer of the tow package repaired my car. Since the entire assembly dropped I don't know if the "Oh my Gosh" brake would have engaged, but it is possible that in the mess the pin might have been pulled setting the brake in the car. I now install the tow supplemental brake for even the shortest trips. It only take a couple of minutes. The liability if my car had caused an accident could have been significant....after all I live in California. Purchase and use the supplemental brake. JMHO
  5. This topic has popped up numerous times over the years, and as of yet I have not read a definitive response. Regulations regarding car-infant seats vary from state to state. However, I do not believe any research or testing of the safety of car-infant-child seats has ever been attempted or published for RVs, specifically motorhomes. Is a child safer in a car-seat incorrectly mounted or just in a lap. Car-seats are designed for forward or rear seating, they are secured by the seat and shoulder belt or by a mounting harness. In a motorhome the support seat maybe a soft cushion, there is no shoulder harness and there are no hardpoints for mounting. There is little chance of a child being thrown from the vehicle, and with a weight of over 20,000 lbs the mass of the motorhome exceeds most passenger vehicles. The danger maybe greater from flying objects in the motorhome. As for the law: in most states (my home state being California) the area behind the passenger compartment is considered a "home" and regulations regarding cars do not necessarily apply. Seat belts are only required for the driver and front passenger (yet it is unwise and perhaps illegal for the child to be in the front passenger seat). You may not have open liquor in a passenger vehicle, but you may have open bottles in a MH frig or pantry. Firearms regulation are different in a motorhome. What to do? When traveling with my grandchildren I do everything I can to keep them safe. I make sure all loose items are secure. They are required to sit or lie down during travel, however they often walk around from position to position. When they were infants they were in infant-car seats, not so much for protection but because they were comfortable traveling in the seats. Their Mom would often hold them in her lap or feed them during travel. In my humble opinion they were as safe as they could be during travel. I was once told the rule of the lug-nuts: "in an accident the vehicle with the most lug-nuts wins." Travel Safe and Happy Trails.
  6. If your traveling with children, Campland on the Bay is a family resort with planned supervised activities for the kids, playgrounds, pools, biking, etc. If your looking for a more adult oriented part Chula Vista RV park is lovely. On the bay, a short drive to the city, walking paths and an adult resort setting. San Diego KOA is another option that sits someplace in the middle of the two above mentioned parks. All three are listed with my recommendation. Happy Trails.
  7. Pandora does not have the selection of SirusXM, does not have talk radio, does not have the most current music, and may slow down computers with lesser RAM. It is free. But having compared both in real life situations I still greatly prefer SirusXM.
  8. I've owned both, and I have very little technical background in engines. But I have RVed for over 30 years. Your profile does not give a location. So, if you live out West and need to travel over the mountain the newer Workhorse or Ford V10 give alot more power on the mountains. With my 454 in a Holiday Rambler 36ft, traveling over the Grapevine (a long hard mountain climb leaving Los Angeles on I-5) would drop us to 25 or 30 mph. With the previous Ford and the current Workhorse I can make the grade at 50 t0 55mph without difficulty. Traveling on the flat midwestern plains, I don't think you will find much difference. Gas mileage is similar, seldom reaching 8mpg. Both will tow a light car without difficulty. Things to think about. Even though the MH has very low mileage, it is still a 2002. The tires are probably original, and therefore way past the 5 to 6 year safe age. So plan on new tires right away. Also have a qualified mechanic check out the belts and hoses, all will age without regard of mileage. Also, check the generator, which may not have seen much use, but should have been run periodically. Just things to look out for, and all things that are expected. Enjoy, and Happy Trails.
  9. I too believe. The essay by Frances Church is one of my favorites, and I post it for my children and grandchildren every year. Christmas lives in the minds and hearts of men and women (and children) around the world. As long as we believe the spirit exists.
  10. Welcome to sunny California. Sadly, Los Angeles has minimal accommodations for RVers. Most of the few central RV parks are really seedy. In Northridge, very close to Panorama city (about 15 min on surface streets) there is Walnut RV park. The park is clean and paved, across the street from the Fashion Center, a major indoor mall, close to markets and in the center of a populated town. It does border a less than wonderful neighborhood on one side, across from the train tracks which are very close. The reviews in RVparkreviews show a less than friendly staff. The park is about 2 miles from my house, it is clean, it is close to where you want to be, but as noted, has some down sides. A little North, on Highway 5, behind Six Flags Magic Mountain is Valencia Travel Village. This is a lovely large grassy park. It would be my first choice. However it will be a 30 min to 45 minute drive to Panorama, about 15 miles. In rush hour this could even take an hour. Nice park, with pool, park like setting, nearby shopping, nice neighborhood, no trains. Just a little farther up I-5 is Castaic Lake RV park. It in close to but not on the reservoir/lake. Nice park, adds about 5 to 10 minutes to the Travel Village drive. Also in a nice neighborhood, no trains, nice place for an extended stay. Add the benefit of some good fishing. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
  11. kalynzoo

    XM Radio

    I love my XM when traveling. In my last MH and in my current MH I had the installer run the antenna wire up the side window panel and out the roof maker light that was accessible from the overhead cabinet. The antenna was fastened to the roof with silicon adhesive. The wire has about a 12 inch run and is almost invisible against the full body paint. With 3 years of use on the previous MH and 5 years on the current MH I have not had a problem, even with the MH stored outside in the Southern California Hot environment. Good Luck, and Happy Thanksgiving.
  12. Perhaps someone with a Class A toy hauler can be of assistance. I truly wish I could help. Best wishes.
  13. Does the value card really matter? Personally I look for the station with easy access and egress. Nothing else really matters, and I will pay a few cents more for accessibility. Many FlyingJ's are well planned, some are not, and are a nightmare to pull through with a toad, even in the RV lane. On the I-5 near Lodi, I have found the 76 truck stop, across the street from FlyingJ to be far more RV friendly, with many wide islands and a huge turn-around accessing a side street. I hope Pilot and Flying J will continue to offer clean, big rig friendly establishments, with decent food and an assortment of supplies. Same for T/C, Loves, and others. I, for one, don't need a card, just treat me right and I will be a customer. JMHO, Happy Trails.
  14. Camping World sells a white PVC pipe with fitting that stores the sewer hose. I'm sure one can be DIY for less using irrigation pipe, but it gives you a place to look.
  15. On a recent trip to Sacramento I noticed a bouncier than normal ride. However, not having driven the MH for awhile I didn't remember what normal entailed. To make the story short, the front wheels were out of balance and one tire was severely misshaped from bouncing. I replaced the worst tire in Sacramento and the other 5 when back in LA. It now rides nice and smooth. This may not solve your problem but a careful inspection of the tires might be in order.
  16. I like having an extended service contract. You can read many threads about how if you just save the money you will be better off, or how you can fix things yourself. My MH is currently in service because the digital dash display failed. The part alone, rebuilt, is quoted as $1400. My co-payment will be $50. Of course while in the shop I will get brakes and new batteries, and replace my shocks, so I don't even what to think about how much it will cost to bail out my rig. At least I will get air-miles. On a previous rig I had to have the transmission replaced. Again, my cost $50. There are rules, and they MUST be followed to the letter. Prior authorization, accredited repair facility, etc. It works for me. Just my opinion.
  17. kalynzoo

    Tire Blowout Today

    Isn't just fantastic to find people, business people, or just fellow travelers, who are willing to help and will do business with a handshake. I remember when first in business I could borrow from the local bank, or deal with a local store with just a handshake. I am glad you were able to deal with your roadside dilemma without having someone rip you off with a high price, cash only, take it or leave it. As for the tires, I feel your pain, and have been there a couple of time. Even with relatively new tires, I once drive over a boat pug, and had the darn thing puncture the tire along the Washington coast. Like you a friendly tire shop and a crab shack within walking distance made the unpleasant experience a positive memory. Anyway, keep on travelin, and happy trails.
  18. Hi, welcome to the forum. Your profile does not mention what you will be towing the Town and Country with. It would be way overweight for my gas engine MH. Also, my previous tow dolly would not have been rated for the weight of the Town and Country. You will be putting allot of pounds on those trailer tires.
  19. A fire safe is a consideration if you travel with important documents, passports, insurance papers, vital records, etc. The concept of a security safe is to keep honest people out, as a determined crook will find a way of overcoming an obstacle if the payoff is great enough. I know personally of two safes that were ripped from permanent homes and stolen for the goods inside. Depending on the value of what you are protecting, you can purchase a light weight "Winchester gun locker" from Walmart or other retailers, at about $25. This steel case has a chamber lock and can be screwed or bolted to make it "difficult" to remove without tools. Most lock stores and many major big box retailers have an assortment of heaver safes to make access even more difficult. Just remember, if you are the target of a burglary, the thief may have 18V power tools. A portable sawzall will overcome anything I can image you could build in a motorhome. So camp safely, and be comfortable with your surroundings. Keep your valuables to a minimum and don't flash them to strangers. And most important, Happy Trails, and enjoy.
  20. Truly a shame. We live just up the hill, however the last time I entered the park was after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. At that time the owners were helpful to the community allowing people with RV's who were using the rigs as emergency housing to use the dump facilities. Bet there are different managers now. Sadly there are very few RV parks anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Travel Village in Newhall, 30 minutes up the I-5, an RV park in Acton, 30 minutes up the I-14. Malibu RV park, very expensive and also not known for their friendly attitude. Ventura, an hour north, and Pomona, an hour south. Truly, you did not have a good option for moving on. Just a thought. If you paid for your stay with a credit card, report the property damage and contest the charge with the credit card company. Ultimately I am sure you will be assessed the charge as you did receive service, but perhaps the actual owners will receive formal notice of the complaint. Just a thought. Lots of people in Northridge own RV's but few choose to camp here...probably with good reason. Happy Trails.
  21. I've stayed at Yosemite/Maraposa KOA 3 times, last about 2 years ago. Very nice and clean. Friendly. Although it is about 20 minutes from park entrance, there is only forested road along the way, so the drive is lovely. I use RVparkreviews.com for public comment.
  22. You can hop on the shuttle in the Grand Canyon Park and travel west through the park, stopping at many viewpoints. Lots of hiking in the area. Personally I don't hike, so I would want a car. If you basecamp in Williams you can take the Grand Canyon Railway up to the park, then a very short (one block) walk to the shuttles and tour the rim. But there is so much to see in the area. Flagstaff, Sedonna, Sunset Crator, the East side of the Canyon through Indian country. So my suggestion: Basecamp at Circle of Pines KOA in Williams, lots of trees, nice pool, I like the place. Rent a car in Williams or Flagstaff (15minutes east) and see the countryside. However you plan it you will have a great time.
  23. I carry an unmounted spare. It is stuffed way back in the center well. It was purchased just before a Tracks Mexico trip, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and I continue to carry this extra weight and rubber. The 22.5 tire, which was purchased used, is now way past a safe date, However: is I get a flat that damages my existing tire, I will be able to have roadside service get me on the road after maybe a day. Bet they won't mount a tire roadside, so I will still have to limp into the nearest town with only one duelly then have the tire mounted. Then off to the nearest big town or city where I can have a new tire shipped in and again mounted for travel. No matter what, a blowout or major flat will not be fun. As for carrying a full spare...I know I could not possibly change the tire myself. Once a friend and I tried to pull off a tire and couldn't break it free even with a breakerbar.
  24. We also have National Interstate originally purchased through FMCA for our motorhome. As for how much, that decision should be based on how much you can afford and how much are you worth if all goes down the tubes. Liability, if you injure someone or break something you can be held liable for whatever you are worth or may be worth later. Repair and replacement of the RV, how much are you willing to risk as a deductible? I would suggest a long conversation with your insurance agent, your CPA, or your attorney if you have risk exposure. Just my opinion. Happy trails, and enjoy the new rig.
  25. I replaced my Surflo with a Surflo 4.0 to increase the water pressure. It was a simple plug and play. HOWEVER, the first replacement leaked and flooded the water pump compartment (separate and partially sealed in the Winne). Surflo said no warranty since the pump is not covered if it gets wet. But I liked the increased pressure so I purchased a second pump. This one overheated and stopped after about 6 months. In conversations with Surflo I was informed that the pump is not rated for continuous use, therefore no warranty. I purchased one more, and now turn the pump on and off when needed. No more leaving the pump on during travel. No more leaving the pump on overnight, or when the RV is being used as a guest house. The pump is turned on just prior to use, then turned off (most of the time). Inconvenient, yes, increased water pressure, yes. Therefore, I don't know what to tell you about upgrading, it is a tradeoff.
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