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  1. On my 2014 Tour they had to replace both rear jacks under warranty because I was getting that popping noise all night long. Now 15 months later, the drivers rear jack starts dropping after being parked for about a week. Had a dealer recalibrate the levelers were and it still dropped. Lucky for my extended warranty they replaced the drivers rear jack. That was last week, now I am parked for the winter. will see what happens. I wish I had the old HWHs systems, much user friendly to use for sure and more reliable on my prior unit. Bob
  2. Just checking in. Still have not been able to find the FB page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  3. I use a 1 ft Blue Ox extension to make sure I do clear the hood of my truck. simple fix.
  4. On the Hydralift, while the bike is lifted and the safety latches are engaged there is no hydraulics in use, just the safety latches holding lift in place. The hydraulic only come into play when the bike is lifted or lowered.
  5. here is the worksheet from BlueOx to use to see how the weight works. use this link. http://www.ehamiltonenterprises.com/files/carriercalculation.pdf
  6. I currently have this on my 43ft tag and I am within all my weight restrictions. I would have the coach weighed on each tire for starters. If you go to the Blue-Ox web site they have a sheet you can printout to see if you are in your limits. Basically my 950lb GW adds 2250lbs to the rear axle when it is lifted up. When I had my 36ft, if did the numbers I was within 200lbs of the weight ratings and I did not do it, even though I see many out there. Any questions send me a message. Bob
  7. In the process of going FT very shortly: We currently do not have the Genie and really not sure of all of its pros/cons. In the RV we have been using just one HD unit. We have the Winegard SWM Slimline dish. I know Directv said they will upgrade me for free since I am way overdue, but not sure if we need it or now. At the house we record very little of any and I usually foget to watch them anyway. They did tell me there is a few dollars more a month for the Genie whole house feature, even though in my case, we will probably just use one receiver. Thoughts Bob
  8. If you go to the following forum, all they talk about are the various different brands of "Aqua" type heating and water heater systems. http://forum.rvhydronicheaterrepair.com/forum.php Bob
  9. I have the new GMC Canyon set up to tow as soon as this siberian express leaves Ohio. What kind of questions can I help you wiht? Bob
  10. Teepee The brakelights get the power from the RV.
  11. I just went thru this when they installed the base plates on my Canyon last month. Someone found out it has to do with the electronics in the new power steering unit. It is only on the trucks (full size and mid) not on the Malibus, Equinox or Terrains. I had them install a battery disconnect with a charge line for the power for the Air Force One brake system. I turned it off one night for 12 plus hours, all I lost was the MPG ratings. no radio presets or clocks. all is working so far. Bob
  12. Great news. After 12 hours of battery disconnect sitting in the garage, flipped the switched back on, within thirty seconds all radio presets and clocks came back on. Nothing lost. That is a lot easier then pulling the three fuses that you have to pull on the Equinox/Terrain/Malibus. Now when I have it hooked up to the RV it will also have the charge line built in from the coach to get the power for the Air Force One. Bob
  13. I just went thru this with the new GMC Canyon. GM only requires this on the trucks, not the Malibus or the Equinox/Terrain (you pull three fuses on those). Since I could not really get a good answer from anyone at GM I went ahead and had the installer put a disconnect switch in with a power cable back from the RV. I have the SMI Air Force One so it needs power from the car. After we turned the switch back on all I lost was the MPG history. The clock and radio presets were still there. Tonight I am going to turn it off all night as if I was towing all day and see what happens in the morning.
  14. rkburdick---I have the Hydralift on my Tour, and depending on the toad you are using you might have to get an extension. On my Malibu it was not needed. I just purchased a Canyon and it looks like I will have to buy an extension since it sits higher. Otherwise the Hydralift might hit the hood on low spots.
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