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  1. Hi Rich, Thanks for responding. I have not been able to your info out. Can you go over once again how I can talk to your direct? Are you saying that the diodes are inside the coach under the dash or could they be outside in a large wire loom. Can you go over again how we can talk direct? Thanks...........Dennis
  2. I have a 1999 Dutch Star, 300 hp cat on a Freightliner xc chassis. The brake lights are out. The hazards, turn signal, tail lights, and 3rd brake light (above the engine hatch) work. I have talked to Freightliner and have directed me to find the diodes (2) that are under the dash coming out of a 8 pin connector below and between the steering column and the ignition switch and shift selector. There is a red wire coming out of the 8 pin connector that needs to be found for the repair. I have not yet found the connector as there is a rats nest of wires in that location to make the fix. Has anyone had this similar problem? dennisr
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