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  1. Read the info at this link:http://doyourownpestcontrol.com/lady_bugs.htm
  2. Thanks, I thought I had read something earlier in regard to making a purchase in FL and then registering the vehicle in another state. I thought maybe someone in FMCA probably already had this experience and knew about potential pitfalls. I'll check with the vehicle tax offices in both states.
  3. I am contemplating purchasing a used motorhome from an owner in Florida. We live in North Carolina. Is there any benefit one way or the other as to where the transaction takes place? For example: If I purchase the motorhome in FL and then drive it to NC, do I have to pay sales tax in FL and NC also, or should I have the owner drive the MH to NC and possibly pay just a sales tax in NC. NC kills you no matter what you do. I just want to avoid paying taxes in two states if possible. Any help or previous experiences will be appreciated.
  4. We should be doing everything within reason to be good stewards of Wal-Mart's generosity. I continue to see Motor homers parked in our Wal-Marts here in NC with their levelers down, and slide outs deployed. One this week even had his awnings out. Be a good steward of their property, and ask the manager before you set up for the night. If you park in a public vehicle area over night, be willing to accept the risks associated with your decision.
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