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    2006 WJourney,CatC7,Rdmstr,2007 Yukon,M&G Brk,Porta-Bote
  1. I unexpectedly got to go to Chaco last week. Was great.If you have questions let me know. The last 15 miles of washboard, top speed 15 MPH in SUV for no damage. Talked to an employee who talked about lost mufflers/broken axles/etc.
  2. Have been to Chaco many times but not recently. Great place to go, well worth the effort. I've tent camped a dozen times or so and took a towable in one time. Would not take my MH in at all.The road in is bad. You cannot find a speed that will allow you to manage the washboard. During rainy season, late summer, I think, road is slicker than any ice you have seen. One wet crossing is 3-4' deep after heavy rain. Bloomfield parks are not good. Would Farmington or Aztec be better? I have no experience. There are decent motels in Bloomfield. Best place to park MH in area, in my opinion, is 40 mins east of Bloomfield at Abe's Motel and Fly Shop, below Navaho Dam. Not beautiful but cheap and safe and world's greatest flyfishing for trout. Another alternative is stay in Grants and come to Chaco from the south. It is slightly farther than from Bloomfield but RV parks may offer better options. Again I have no experience staying in Grants. Let me know if I can help. Good luck, work it out, it;'s a great place.
  3. November 2012 issue Fam. Mot. Coach p26 had mention of battery water fill bottle from O'Reilly's for about $10 that automatically fills to proper level without looking into cell. Neither my O'Reilly's or Pep Boys has such a thing. Any ideas where might find? Thanks.
  4. Me too. Did recall few months ago. Refrig dead last week end. MH in shop now to replace the recall. Shop says quite a few are coming back in. Technician said if I connected the blue and red wires from the recall part on an auto 20 amp fuse, refrig would work and be protected as interim fix. Wonder if Norcold would improve quality control if they had to pay for spoiled food (about $100) and campground cancellation fees ($30) in my case, for all of us ???
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