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  1. With our new to us coach which came with a factory installed circular level I leveled the motorhome to get the bubble in the middle of the level. With that done and I felt that the coach was indeed level. My wife has trouble with balance since loosing most of her hearing. She walked around the inside of the motor home back and forth front to rear and I made slight fore and aft adjustment until she was happy. Then she check for side to side and I made slight adjustments until she was very happy with the level of the coach. The adjustments I made consisted of slight "bumping" of the jacks. Bathroom and refrigerator doors did not move when opened half way. I took two cheap levels purchase at a RV dealer made of plastic and look like a RV. I affixed one to a cabinet in the middle of the coach so that the bubble indicated level fore and aft. I attached another level to a vertical cabinet so that the bubble indicated level side to side. When we arrive at a campground I level the coach to the factory installed level. Then she tells me, from looking at the levels, I had installed which way to to move two jacks at the same time until we had front to rear then do the same to get side to side. The key thing is to move jacks as a pair from the starting point indicated on the factory installed circular bubble. I always use two jacks as a pair. I feel that if you do individual jacks to get level you may twist the frame trying to get it level and may even spend a lot of time "chasing" the bubble. Did I say I have a happy full time camper for a wife. For sure I do. I will figure out where up in front I can install two levels in my sight to get level as she would like it going by the levels in the middle of the coach and maybe I can convince her to hook up the sewer hose and cables. Right! Chris the Bigfoot
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