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  1. We recenty towed on 2011 Ford Escape from Iowa to South Texas. When we were 25 miles from our destination we were warned of a problem by a passing motorist. When we pulled over we notice smoke coming from under the hood of the Escape. We had fried the transmission. Boggus Ford, Pharr, TX replaced the transmission without question. We were reminded of stopping every six hours and running the Escape for five minutes. March 31st we left for Atlanta, GA. We took five days for the 1,200 miles, stopping any time we drove six hours. When we arrived in Atlanta I noticed an oil film on the rear lid of the Escape. We had fried another transmission in 1,200 miles of towing. In Atlanta, Malcolm Cunningham FLM did the service work I called Ford and again they took care of us. They repaired the transmission this time, installed a Remco pump and wired it into the motor home, and gave us a five year extended warranty on the vehicle. I read many posts about Ford Escapes before I made the call to Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI. The posts gave me the backup information that I needed to make the adjustment. I hope this will help anyone with a problem.
  2. We had a 2004 Explorer that we towed for 27,000 miles with no problems. We did have to add the electric switch that cost $100, dealer installed. Last spring we traded for a 2011 Escape. Big mistake. The Escape is now sitting at a Ford dealership waiting for its second replacement transmission. We have followed the instructions but still fried two transmissions. Am now talking to Ford.
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