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  1. The scenario you describe is so strange and bizarre that I would almost guarantee that it would never happen to you. If you were to be stopped by the police, just answer as straightforward as possible, and be as cooperative as possible. If they ask permission to search your vehicle, say "Yes, but I would like for my wife to video tape it." If they were to begin tearing things up (Which, in this age is HIGHLY unlikely) you can rescind your permission and ask for a lawyer. They probably have their own video tape running in the car. At NO TIME should you become argumentative or combative. Just keep the video camera rolling.
  2. "Cheap Fuel" was when we were teenagers and gas cost 25 cents per gallon.
  3. It has been my observation that the closer I get to a larger town/city, the higher the propane price is. I look for small towns, preferable in an agricultural area, and invariably they are cheaper than the "convenient" places in the cities. In Texas, the propane places are prominently marked, and are thus easy to spot.
  4. I don't know that what you are asking for exists. There are many different sources, but they aren't "comprehensive". BUT-- If you are a member of Escapees, A good one is: Days End There is also: Free Campsites Many of these are "Free and Inexpensive" $ 10 and less. But you have to search out what you are looking for unless you can get your mother to come along with you. We ran across a city RV park in the wilds of Texas. The sign said that the first 5 nights were free-----any additional nights were $ 75.00/night.
  5. Welcome MDREXUSA! RVs are interesting beasts. Fleetwood made very few of the parts that make up the whole. They made the "outside" body parts and some of the inside cabinets (maybe) but most of the parts that make up the whole were made by "other" companies. It is very possible that the company that made your mirrors may be the same company that made the mirrors for my Dutch Star. If you are lucky, you got a book, or a tub of books showing the various parts of you motorhome and the companies that made the parts. IF NOT-- you get to soar the world wide web and try to figure out where all of the parts came from. As Wolfe10 said RAMCO is a very good guess as to the manufacturer of your mirrors. Go to the ramco site RAMCO Mirrors and see if you can match up your mirrors. If you can't perhaps a fellow American Dream owner can help. BE SURE TO KEEP GOOD NOTES on stuff when you find it. If you have no luck, get back on here and yell again and we will see what we can do!
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