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  1. I have been continuously RVing since 1975. I am now full time. I have searched for answers to many questions. Times have changed and the answers have changed. Talk to the people in the campground you stay in. Also go on the web. Suggest talking to Americas -Mail.com in SD. There are several others in SD. They are my mail forwarding and residency info headquarters for very good info as the owner is a fulltimer. JDTHUD
  2. I am a member of USAA as a retired Air Force officer. I have been insured with them for almost 50 years. I have had a motor home(two at times) plus RV and family vehicles. I have had serveral claims and all were handled asap without any problems. When I went fulltime(i.e. living in motor home 5 months or more a year) USAA did not have full timer insurance. They referred me to one of their other companies. This insurance was three times what I have with Twin Peaks Insurance. A broker and they give a 5% discount to FMCA members. Listed im FMCA magazine classifieds, miscellaneous. I also have an LLC. JDTHUD
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