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  1. Wouldn't it be GREAT if all questions got such complete and well-researched answers? Let me add a link that MAY have some more information: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/cayman-ride-enhancement-kit-62956-5.html
  2. First - As you probably already know, some replies are giving information on totally DIFFERENT TYPES of suspensions - only those referring to an RR8R are of use to you. As mentioned in an earlier post - HENDERSON's website (and further, by phone) is the best place to start. Steering Stabilizers MUST be fuly centered, but it's a simple adjustment that can only be checked by driving the coach. Don't let complaints by others "steer" you away (my apologies!). Many people have them installed without a road test, and I promise you - you need one! Once completed, you'll know it was the best decision when you hit a construction "zig-zag" and you can roll right through. I'm concerned that you may have ride height and valving issues - check Henderson's website for an area dealer to ***** your rig. The RR8R is know for better handling than you describe. FWIW - here's a link to help owners of RR4R suspensions - reading it may help you, although your rig was already improved with bigger airbags (2002) and refinements. You might contact THIS company to see what's coming down the pipeline for your rig.
  3. Unfortunately, the full-wall-slide was another nail in the previous Monaco's coffin. Dealers all over were left with these models in inventory when the company folded - most seem to have been sold due to the scarcity of DP models to buy over the last year. They had a bad reputation. The two I looked at didn't seem to have enough rigidity to keep the entire slide "square". Your best bet is to contact the "new" Monaco to see if you can get support
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