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  1. I too have a slide that won't slide. It's in a 2000 Monaco. It's a hydraulic system and I think the manufacturer is HWH. The battery terminals are clean and tight, and the hydraulic fluid tank is full. When I press the switch to extend the slide, I hear what sounds like a solenoid clicking.
  2. I have a 2000 Monaco with an Onan 7.5 generator. The generator is on rails and can be moved out from the front of the motorhome for servicing. The problem is that the generator moves on its own a few inches from the front of the motorhome when I'm gone and all systems are turned off. Any ideas as to why or how to correct the problem?
  3. Brett, I'm fairly new to RVing, having purchased a 2000 Monaco Type A about a year and a half ago. It has 350 hp ISC Cummins engine. Your comment that all diesel engines, with the possible exception of Cummins type B engines, use SCA drove me to my coach and engine manuals. Neither says anything about SCA. So, do you recommend that I get the test strips or not? And if the coolant doesn't have any SCA, should I add any? Lowell Bergen
  4. I also have a generator that made noise. It's an Onan 7.5 and would make a noise like it was chewing up something when it started. I took off the cover of the generator and discovered chunks of what looks and feels like magnetic graphite. Now the generator will start but shuts down after a few seconds of operation. Any ideas on what the problem is? I'm sure I'll have to have an expert repair it, but I'd like information about what must be done to fix the problem.
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