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  1. Found this in my book collection
  2. I think it rolls the toilet paper out mathematically LOL
  3. I use KLEEN-FLOW all winter" best" . best for cold weather . I had a fuel problem on the way to Florida in Feb . Took filters off they were new. Emptied out half the fuel from each one filled with KLEEN-FLOW . Put a half a can in my fuel. No more problems. I use a little all summer also. Rickman
  4. As a retired driver in Canada I have always used KLEAN-FLO in my diesel engines, a little in the summer a lot in the winter. works every time.
  5. I have Dish network & Winegard carry out. I have a signal before I even get back in the motor home. I just don't know why we have to call every time we move for local stuff-- should be able 2 put zip code in on set-up plus it take 3 or 4 calls before you get some one who can set it up.
  6. Find mine quite untrustworthy. No matter what settings I use it sends me down wrong streets, stupid routes-- looks good though. Supposed to have lifetime maps, but doesn't. It as a waste of money. Used it for a 7000 mile trip worked for about 100 miles of the trip.
  7. Useless. untrustworthy .no matter what settings I use it takes me on wrong streets & roads. I have one turn to get on the major HWY it takes me on a neighborhood tour. We were at the FMCA campground last fall, you can see the exit to the hwy from their gate but it wanted to take you on another tour. We had to buy another Garmin. Yo would think they would get their people on the fixes needed. I never get an answer back from them.
  8. I have had nothing but a good time, learned things ,good music, meet new people, got things repaired by pros. The magazine is worth the cost alone. Rick
  9. We just bought the 7710. It is not very good . It warns "sharp curve" for every minor curve so how will you know when there is a real sharp curve. Next it doesn't send you on route per size of motor home. I set up my m/home for 80 ft and it still sent me on back streets. I was at the FMCA campground last week .It would only send me out of the park the long way. You can almost see the right way out. I can't even understand what it is saying to us. I could keep going on about the problems. I have sent them 3 e-mails and no reply. It's not even heavy enough to be a boat anchor. F159321
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