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  1. Take the money you would pay for the service contract and put it in the bank. You will have money to pay for repair when needed. I have had 6 motorhomes with only 1 being new and never had a problem I didn't expect. The new one was the most problematic.
  2. A few years back I drove tour buses and Montreal is not a convenient place to find parking. I think you will either end up taking a tour or renting a car.
  3. I agree with everyone above and see no need for concierge service. I had Allstate one time and had a flat tire in my driveway. The fellow came and changed it but I got a story the whole time about how little Allstate pays and how grateful I should be that he even came out. He stopped short of telling me what size tip I should give him. My tip was to "Plant your corn early".
  4. The most likely location for water leaks is roof seams. Windows would probably be second. Water will run down a lot easier than up so you have to expect something above the damage as the source of water damage. Water will also travel inside the framing. I had a leak in my '89 Jamboree that leaked on the driver seat. The water entry point was at the rear of the MH.
  5. It is a requirement under the Patriot Act. As a licensed rep I have to take that test every 2 years. Some companies are more strict in their interpretation than others. The Gov. just doesn't realize that a legal citizen can have a movable home.
  6. We were there 4 years ago. Some of the potholes in the streets could hold small cars. While Canada is Bi-lingual Quebec is not. Quebec is French only. We had a very nice campground but decided we will never go back.
  7. In my personal experience I would avoid a class C. We have had 2 Cs and 2 As. Unless the C has a one piece fiberglass body you can expect leaks in the cabover bed. If you read on RV.NET in the class C forum you will see how many have water leak problems. I had that same experience with my 2 Cs. My thought is that the whole bunk sticking out front and unsupported makes for a little too much bouncing and causes leaks. There are some nice ones out there. Water leaks are the #1 problem in any RV. Delamination, where water has gotten into the walls and the glue has come loose are a huge problem that can cost more than the MH cost to repair. Newmar, Monaco and Holiday Rambler did not use the laminated walls socan't have that problem. There may be a couple others in that category but since I am very happy with mine I am not even looking at anything else.
  8. On any used coach condition is the most important item. How it was taken care of makes a big difference in how it looks now. Maintenance of the motor, transmission are important items. Tires are a fairly expensive item and most RVers don't wear them out, they just age out and blow out from old age. Old age for a tire is anything over 6-8 years old. Fortunately tires have their birthdate stamped into the sidewalls. There is a 4 digit number at the end of the line with all the DOT codes. The first 2 numbers are the week of the year and the last 2 the year it was built. If you find there are only 3 numbers they are the original tires and no matter how good they look they are hopefully good enough to make it to the tire store. Unfortunately the numbers are only on one side of the tire so there is a 70/30 (Murphy's Law) chance the info is on the inside. The American Coach has always been a great coach. When looking at any used coach double check for water leaks on the roof and sidewalls, paying special attention to window and clearance light openings. Good Luck.
  9. Welcome. Are you a new motorhome owner or prospective owner? Have you also written a few books? This is a great site.
  10. My Newmar is 37' 11" and weighs several hundred pounds more than yours empty. I suggest you take it to a scale and get a real weight. I would bet you are well over 25K#. Mine weighed more than the posted weight because of options.
  11. Didn't get much sympathy on RV.net and it looks the same here. Let the Manuf. fix it and get on to enjoying yourself.
  12. You are very close to my '03 Mountain Aire with the same drive train. My toad limit is 4000#. I would suggest you download the brochure, from Newmar, that will give a lot of the details on your MH. If you actually go and weigh it I think you will find you have a lot heavier MH than you are guessing. If I drive carefully I can get 8+ mpg but with a headwind I will get around 7. The less you touch that accelerator the better the mileage. The 8.1 seems to take a lot more fuel as the RPM increases. On your instrument panel you can set the mpg to instant. That is always interesting to see what you are getting under each driving condition.
  13. There are many automatic transmissions out there that can be towed. My wife can't shift for herself so we need an automatic. We have a 2008 Saturn Vue with auto that tows very easy. Prior to that we had an '02 PT Cruiser with a pump for the trans. That adds almost a $1000. to the price of towing.
  14. On my previous '96 Fleetwood Pace I used Eternabond around the entire roof line where it met the side trim. I did this before any leaks because I knew they were susceptible to leaking there. I never had a problem with a leak. Would that work for you? I used 4" wide.
  15. Anything having to do with money will have this problem. Homeland Security, Treasury, FBI, and many other gov't departments are involved. This all began after 9-11 and has been expanding since. Money laundering for purposes of transferring funds is big business. All insurance companies and brokerage firms are rquired to have a compliance officer who does nothing but check addresses and verify locations are good. Penalties are pretty stiff for the people that let these slip through. Having had an address for several years prior to full timing helps but not always. I sell life ins, annuties, etc. and this is becoming an ever increasing problem.
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