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  1. Murray, I repair RV's and have a business in Yuma AZ in the winter. I am goofing off right now and don't usually help this way but if you want to go to my website & then e-mail me we can walk through some of this as we both have time. Just use my user name here & add a dot com. Will get you running as much as I can from the other side of the US. Rob Pierce Sunbum RV LLC sunbumrv.com
  2. I would have to agree with 2 of the above posts. 1st any meter will read the correct voltage. I feel from working on RV's for as long as I have & also have been on a tech support desk for Monaco for several years before starting my own business that 2 things every RV owner should have on board is a voltage meter & battery charger. That aside the 2nd thing is that the controller board is more than likely defective. Most of the time these can be replaced by a inverter repair facility. There is a good one in Phoenix AZ. With all inverters the 1st thing & easiest is to power them down for a reset. Unplug coach, disconnect battery power at the inverter & wait 5 minutes. That does a reset of the unit. But your unit is for sure a bad controller board. As stated in the post above you could try to repair it yourself. But a word of caution should go with that. The repair shops can test the unit to make sure it is operating correctly ( load outputs, charge outputs, Ect.) Unless you are sure you know what you are doing I would send it in. Check the companies website to see if there is one close to your location. More than likely there is one close. You can take it to them & have it back in a few days. Or you could see us in Yuma in the fall. Hope that helps. Rob Pierce Sunbum RV LLC
  3. The toilet you have is an Aria I or Aria II. The easy way to tell is the color of the buttons. I think you have the Aria I because of the year. 1st try unplugging the power to the unit and then plug back in. See if that clears the brain. The knob is a tricky thing also. You want to adj it st that it just closes. They are touchy & a little is a lot with them. The last resort is to replace the blade valve itself. They come with the motor made inside. So you replace both in one step. The package comes with the instructions for the repair. The OEM part number is 19613 and cost around $190. I have done several of them and usually takes me around 30 - 45 mins. Depends on the toilet location. You can go to my site & order it online or from any RV supplier. For my site use my user name & the dot com. There is a breakdown catalog on there. The attached file will help also. Hope that helps. Oh! By the way we are an FMCA Commercial business just can't remember the number. Rob Pierce Sunbum RV LLC Aria_Repair.pdf
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