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  1. My husband and I are looking to buy a home that has an RV garage or porte. Can anyone suggest a good development for us? We are looking for something with 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a living area, kitchen, laundry and good storage. The community needs to be pet friendly as we have two small dogs. We are also looking for a development aimed at the middle to upper middle class, fairly large lots and friendly. We are not looking to spend a fortune for the house as we are only planning on being there a few months out of the year and want to travel the rest of the time. Any suggestions?
  2. We do carry pet insurance on both of our dogs. We use Petplan USA. We researched a lot of different compaines and they are the only one we found that covers cancer, skin allergies and other breed specific problems. They do not cover your yearly exam, routine shots and spaying/nutering; but they do pay for alot of other things like finding your pet if it gets lost. Petplan has three different levels of coverage; bronze, silver and gold. Three different coinsurance amounts; 50%, 20% and 0% and deductibles ranging from $0 to $250. As long as you pay your yearly premium, your policy will never be cancelled. Our little Rocky, a maltese mix, has had 5 knee surgeries for subluxated patellas. Petplan has paid every claim within 30 days. You choose your own vet, pay the bill and then mail the claim to petplan. Even with all of our claims, his premium had never been raised. I would recommend Petplan to everyone.
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