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  1. Hope I may chime in... I noticed a previous poster had changed tire size on their coach... I'm wondering pros and cons of doing so. I have 10R22.5 on my 93 Roadmaster chassis currently (in a set of Toyos aged out and dry cracking) ... and from what I understand, this size tire is on its way out and harder to find. I've been calling the dealers and checking on the prices via the FMCA program... and the guy at the Conti dealer had the following recommendation for me: Switch out to all 6 tires in either 255/70 22.5 or a 295/75 22.5 size tire. From the 10R22.5. My understanding is that the 10R22.5 is a 100% aspect ratio so 10" tall as well. That 255 is real close to 10", but that is a much lower profile tire, Think I"ve seen 255/80 or 90 which should be closer... I am concerned about ride height, handling, safety... If I AM going to change, what size is best/closest? I"ve been hunting through the posts on tires, tireman etc.... I would love to do the Michelins for the steer tire, but they are expensive $503 with discount before install. And, I can't get the RV tire in my size so I have to go with the "Regional" Steer tire and I wondered if that was going to handle any better than the toyos. NOw, I"m looking at putting 2 Conti HSR2 on the front (tier 1 tire, good discount $384/tire) and then some tier 2 (general? made by conti) on the 4 rear. (D460 traction @ $323/per) I am currently extremely price sensitive, but will spring for the best steer/handling/safe tire on the front if it will make a difference. While I am looking to save money on the rubber where I can, I WILL be installing a TPMS for all 10 wheels along with tires as I think that is a no-brainer anymore as good tpms come down in price. I don't want to over ride the best thinking of Roadmaster engineers, but I'm willing to explore any and all options to improve performance, safety, handling. Just in case the profile isn't working (I just rejoined after a long hiatus) 1993 Monaco Dynasty on a Roadmaster chassis Cummins ISC 8.3 turbodiesel 250hp Allison mh3060 6 spd 119,000 miles
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