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  1. There are many different sizes of these seals. Maybe you could get a larger size. Here's a link to just one manufacturer.
  2. I have not seen the new arms by Monaco, but I have seen the Source Mfg arms and they are really stout. You may want to go to this site and look through the info there. The page I linked to is a finite analysis of the Original, the Source Mfg, and the Competitor arms. The only competitor I am aware of is the new Monaco arm. I do understand that Monaco LLC is displaying and selling these new arms at the larger rallies. I will see if I can get a picture of it to post or e-mail to you. From what I hear, they are only warrantying the new arms for 3 years.
  3. Pulling in on the 9th per my instructions Definitely want to see your wi-fi Brett. May decide to get rid of Verizon at $60 per mo as we are not using it enough.
  4. If they are set up like mine, (Intellitec EMS) You need to remove the plate from around the breakers so that you can see the house wiring. At the bottom is a PCB with a fuse. Remove the fuse, let sit for awhile, then reinstall the fuse. Also make sure ALL breakers are on after this is done because the brain takes a reading from both legs to determine incoming voltage.
  5. dwilson787, We also had this problem while returning from Quartzsite with one overnite stop on the way. After being beaten to death on CA highways, we stopped for a break and water pump acted just exactly like yours is. Turned out that the city water fill handle did not get returned to the proper position. I was getting ready to order a new pump when I found this. Never know, may be something to check on yours.
  6. Hi Montie, I know that I am the new guy here on this forum, but it would behoove you to hold off on any upgrades on the ride/suspension until after the FMCA Convention in Redmond. There will be a new product specifically made for the RR8R Chassis released at the Redmond rally. I've been told that new re-valved Bilstein Shocks are involved. Also several other parts. All made specifically for the RR8R and based upon the rebound rates of the air bags. Thats probably more than I should say for now. Keep Watching
  7. Glad to see this posted over here. So far there are only 5 people signed up to attend. If you look at the seminar list, this is not just a benefit to those who have Roadmaster Chassis. The information presented is generic to most MH's.
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