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  1. Yes I did and I called and she said she deposit it and we have a reservation.
  2. You should look at the EZE tow dolly. It is the only one with surge disk brakes. Only weights 400 lbs and cost only 1799.00 plus 250 shipping. The other ones will be a lot more. I have a 35 ft motor home and it stores complete under the back of the rig. Very easy load and unload. Check it out at http://cartowdolly.com/.
  3. I have a 2012 Tucson with 72 in width and we have a EZE tow dolly. We have almost 7 ins of clearance on each side. This is a great dolly. One of the best I have seen, only one that comes with disk brakes. Also only weights 400 lbs. cost $1799.00+ ship $250 anywhere . Check it out at http://cartowdolly.com/.
  4. We are going to the rally in Gillette Wy. We are only going to be there for 2 days so we had to stay at a campground near there. We called and made reservations at the Crazy woman Campground. The way they are handling the reservations is that you send them an email with all your info on it, then send them a check for the nights you will be there. They said when they receive both they will send you an email that they received both and you would have a reservation. I did all this back on March 12th and on April 16th I received that they had both and that it was for the days I ask for. The problem is that they keep telling me that they deposited the check, but I have not seen it come through. I have called them 3 time about this. I was wondering if anyone else is staying there and they where having the same problem. I am worried that I will show up there and not have a spot.
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