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  1. One of the most important tools in a motorhome is YOU. A reflective vest or two are very important out there on the boulevard.
  2. I took my 'Egg' to a sign shop and for $20 they made me two exact copies in vinyl, one on the windshield and one on the back of the coach up high. Works for me.
  3. Alan, I have changed the CRT in the bedroom of our Allergo Bus. After removing the CRT I mounted a small mount from Sam's to the side of the box. The LED TV I got was slightly larger than the frame on the sides and ever so slightly smaller than the parallel stiles. I applied Velcro to the edges where the TV catches the frame and lined the now storage box with the same material Tiffin uses to cover those types of spaces. Momma's happy.
  4. Monty, We stayed in Luray, Va, at Country Waye, this spring and drove the Skyway and Blueridge in our toad. I can tell you if the driver wants to enjoy the drive then do it in your toad. You will spend most of the drive watching the road in your MH and there are few places to pull a big rig off for a hike, picnic or hike. The valley has parallel roads that make it easy to return to camp.
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