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  1. You may want to send a memo to the Tracks RV Tours people and ask about the current safety levels in Mexico. Tracks has suspended all their Tours to Mexico. And since they are cenetred in El Paso Texas, that was a large portion of the out of the country tours for them. http://www.trackstoadventure.com/ I know that they are constantly monitoring the situations there, in order to resume their tours into Mexico. But I'm sure they should be able to pass on any information they have. Eddie LeBlanc '92 Beaver Marquis '98 Honda V6 EX Toad
  2. This is Eddie LeBlanc and Carole Miller from Beaumont Texas. We've been together since 1996, so a piece of paper won't make a relationship, as much as being best friends and soul mates. We are newbies to Coaches, but have had campers and etc. for many years. We are looking forward to getting close to retirement but still have a job to deal with. Eddie is retiring from 36 years at DuPont soon, as the site is closing down the end of the year. Carole will still do some time as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Eddie also plays in a band called "Stone Cold", and Carole is an alternative healing practitioner. We are both into metaphysics, meditation, and etc. We recently got a great deal on a 1992, 40 foot, Beaver Marquis. Fine coach with plenty of get up and go. The attention to detail is breathtaking even in an older one. The custom Gillig bus chassis is a delight to drive. And it's got nicer features than the 4 bedroom in Beaumont. One thing nice about the Beaver is, we don't have to yell at each other from across the house, and there's still a bath tub in it. We'll be taking short trips due to the need to keep up with the jobs. But we will appreciate the time to relax and see the sights. And with a couple of recent hurricane evacuations, we now have a plan to grab the cat, Zeba, and just start up the Marquis and drive north. At least we're already in Texas, the greatest state (sorry I'm a little partial, we're both native Texans), so we don't have to travel far to get to some of the most beautiful camp sites in the USA. We're learning as we go, but know this is a dream come true. See us on the road, we'll wave for sure; or come sit a spell. Eddie LeBlanc & Carole Miller '92 Beaver Marquis (325 HP 3176 CAT 1225 Ft-lbs Torque) '98 Honda Accord V6 Toad (Blue Ox Aladdin TowBar)
  3. I looked it up, and the product looks like a possibility. Does anyone have any experience with the product over time? It'd be nice to know how long the product lasted and what was done if it started needing reapplication.
  4. I've got a '92 Beaver Marquis that needs attention on the roof. The roof's gelcoat is breaking down and getting quite chalky. It has no major problems but needs constant cleaning and has lost all the shine. I was told by Monoco Service it is probably too costly to remove all the roof attachments and Re-Gelcoat the entire roof. And that the best bet would be a paintable product like Kool Seal. I've recently had the entire roof resealed. And assume I could wet sand to remove the loose particles. Then apply a paintable coating. Probably masking all the side edges and using a roller or etc. to apply. I've also had a few boating friends that suggested a good Marine paint like Awl-Grip (Polyester based) that is used on Fiberglass boats. Some of those can be rolled or brush painted with the correct additives. But that material is also quite costly. I've also seen a paintable product by Di-Cor that is an elastomeric to be used on metal or fiberglass roofs. I'd like to keep the nice slick appearance of the white gel coat, but don't need an expensive spray paint job costing thousands of dollars. I may be steering more to the Di-Cor product: Dicor-elastomeric-rv-roof-coating/7731, but there are also the Kool Seal or the Dy-Co 890 products. I'd like to put on a smooth, nice appearing coat, and of course white to match the existing paint scheme. And to also help in the reflection of the heat, here in our hot Texas summers. Anyone have any experiences with using these products and thier appearance and longevity? Thanks, Eddie LeBlanc '92 Beaver Grand Marquis '98 Honda Accord V6 EX Toad
  5. Not an answer to the questions, but there is a possible solution to many having to connect to a 30 Amp to power a 50 Amp line to the coach. Camco has a product that is a "Y" Adaptor that has a 30 Amp plug and a 15 Amp plug, feeding a 50 Amp female recepitacle. This will allow 45 Amps on the 50 Amp line to the Motorhome. It should be enough to feed most situations. The only caveat to its use is, it cannot be plugged into a GFI protected circuit. I've seen it advertised in several locations, and it is not extremely costly. Here is a listing on Amazon.com: Amazon listing: May be worth it if necessary. And many 30 amp park circuits also have a 15 Amp included. Ed LeBlanc '92 Beaver Grand Marquis "98 Honda Accord V6 EX
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