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  1. Hi Herman, I have connected the tv directly with a cable from the outside connection as well as connection to receiver/tv - no signal. Changed the tv to theproper setting. I am thinking that the main satellite connection in the front inside coach cabinet, needs something to tell the outside connection that there is satellite. whether it is running through a receiver or I just connect the cable to the tv and use the receiver from inside the coach? Looked in the MH manual and it does not say if this cable plugin is for satellite or cable??? P
  2. We have a 2008 Holiday Rambler Sceptre and were wondering if we can connect a TV to the outside compartment on the passenger side of the coach. There is a coaxe thingy that looks like you can connect a cable - but when I tried connecting a receiver/tv I could not get a signal. Is there anything that needs to be done on the main satellite connection in the inside front cabinet? splitter??? Both the front and back TV's work well on satellite (Bell/Canadian) On the other side of the coach, in the water compartment, there is cable/satellite/telephone inputs - I assume that this is for an external dish? Help Please
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