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  1. HermanMullins You will need a multi-meter that can measure Hertz or frequency. Attach the leads to the output voltage connections and you should read about 61.5 Hz no-load. At load, you should measure about 58.5 Hz. To change the speed on a BG or NH series unit, you must adjust the speed spring that is under the black cover on the top of the engine. Early units had a square hole in the cover (two wrenches) and later models had an extended shaft (Phillips screwdriver), like a speedometer cable, that terminated in the vicinity of the carbruetor. If the genset is hunting GET A "SERVICE MANUAL" for your unit and follow the directions explicitly or you will have trouble. JimL Generator Jim
  2. The DKD series has a dual coil throttle solenoid on its fuel injection pump. If the throttle linkage wears or comes loose, it is possible that both the "pull-in" and the "continuous" coils could be energized at the same time for an extended period. This might trip the safety breaker. The electric fuel transfer pump could also be overheating due to scoring of its piston and cylinder and overamping the breaker. See which one is warmer (or Hotter) and go from there. JimL
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