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  1. It's 7 a.m., light rain, time to pull out. We are driving a 40-foot Class A, with a toad. Everything inside has been checked off the list of "checks To Do Before Leaving." The engine started, slides in ... jacks up... Walk around the coach to check and everything is okay ... Did anyone check the running lights? This includes the toad. No ... Let's check all the lights ... good ... Get into the coach, settle in to the driver's seat, turn off the lights ... They work okay. "WRONG." LEAVE ALL THE RUNNING LIGHTS ON. Maybe you can see in front of you down the highway, but people behind you have a hard time seeing you. Remember that it's raining, heavy spray behind your coach. LOOKS LIKE A LARGE BLOB traveling down the road. With your lights on, it's a lot easier to see YOU. A number of trucking companies are now running with lights on all the time ... makes sense to me. School buses, city transit buses and motorcycles all have their lights on. THANKS Bob L.O.F.S (Lights On For Safety )
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