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  1. Bill - when it works, it WILL give the "discounted" (cash) price on the receipt, right at the pump...and, it will deduct the .03/gallon right there on the receipt, as well, after you've turned the pump off. It multiplies the number of gallons purchased by $.03 (diesel), and it's taken right off the total! However, here's a NEW WRINKLE IN THE PROGRAM, that I've not seen mentioned anywhere before: We reported a specific incident yesterday at a Utah Flying J location, where we did not get the cash price NOR the $.03/gallon discount. Here's the reply from Flying J: The Scipio UT location is a Flying J dealer location which means it is not owned and operated by Pilot Flying J. Due to this fact, discounts at dealerships may be different than at the Pilot Flying J locations. According to my information about the dealerships, the fuel discounts are only available on the truck diesel lanes when you use your RV loyalty card to start the pumps. This would be due to the dealerships computer systems not being compatible with the Pilot Flying J systems. Most dealerships have altered their systems on the truck diesel lanes enough to be able to give our discounts but their gas lanes are still on a separate system. I can send you a Travel Guide that denotes the different locations and whether they are Pilot Flying J locations or not. So, FMCA Friends - there's one more thing to watch out for!! DO NOT EXPECT THE LOYALTY CARD DISCOUNT OR THE CASH PRICE AT DEALER LOCATIONS IF YOU PULL INTO THE AUTO/RV LANE! Guess we'll have to check online to be sure what kind of Flying J we're pulling into before we do it from now on! As I said in my post yesterday - it's a really valuable program, just requires a lot of research and patience to make it work!
  2. Just want to let you know that the training evidently hasn't "taken" at all locations yet. We just pulled out of the Flying J #510 in Scipio, Utah, where we bought $150 worth of diesel fuel and paid credit card price (not cash price) with zero discount. We pulled up to the Car/Rv diesel lane, and followed the directions on the screen (this is one of the ones that requires swiping the Flying J Advantage Card AFTER the credit card). (And yes, ours IS the new card, and yes, it's been properly activated, and has been working everywhere we've stopped in the last month or so). The last time we stopped (in Arizona, I believe), the discount was deducted off the receipt AFTER we reached the $150.00 limit on our credit card, so my husband assumed that's what would happen here. But, in fact, we paid the FULL ($4.239/gallon) CREDIT CARD PRICE (Cash Price was $4.179), and the $.03/gallon was NOT applied. We just left without going in to argue the point, since it's a VERY busy stopping point, and there was no place to pull out of the way and away from the pump. This has become a very frustrating part of our full time travels, at a time when we are trying very hard to watch every penny. We appreciate FMCA's and Flying J's continuing to work to make this very valuable member benefit one that we can fully enjoy.
  3. Since we are full-timers, I do my best to make our home cozy and Christmas-y every year. Our steering wheel table holds our little tree, which is complete with many "special" ornaments and decorations from our travels and from years past. Our dash board is fully decorated, as well. (Hopefully, our picture will show up here!) Wherever you're celebrating, we wish you all a VERY Happy Holiday Season...even you grumpy Grinches! Rose and Greg Pyke http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entri...26557/tpod.html
  4. Looking at this beauty and solitude, it's hard to believe that our Monaco Windsor is parked approximately a half mile off of the Interstate in Longmont, Colorado! This is our favorite site at St. Vrain State Park (formerly called Barbour Ponds). We stay here when we are visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. This was taken in April of this year, when I went for a walk with my Grandson, Zach. Rosemary & Greg Pyke
  5. I took this photo of our Monaco Windsor and Pontiac Trans Am toad when we stopped to take a break at the top of the Red Mountain Pass (elevation 11,801) in the San Juan National Forest. We were en route from Blue Mesa, Colorado to Mancos, Colorado. The picture was taken in September of 2008. We are full-timers, and we usually visit Colorado at least once a year, as our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live near Denver. Driving through the mountains is always breathtaking (and I mean that in a good way!) and beautiful! Rosemary and Greg Pyke
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