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  1. We have Direct TV and use one of our home recievers for our motor home. We are just finishing up our first snow bird trip . For about 10 times over the past 4 months we had address changes to pick up local channels. Tonight they refused to change our location stating it is a FCC violation to do this. They said we have to fill out a affidavit for DNS. OH, that will be another $15 a month.
  2. Hi. I purchased an older (13 years) Country Coach Intrigue and have found the chassis heater core is garbage. Having it inspected, I've been told the manufacturer is out of business and it will be questionable if it can be fixed without spending LOTS of $$$$$$$$$$$ on it. Has anyone else had this problem and/or can offer advise? Thanks. Signed, Frosty windshield
  3. I wrote a letter to Wal-Mart expressing my opinion about this incident. I received a very nice reply from Corporate thanking me. They advised that RVers are welcome at Wal-Mart parking lots taking into consideration local codes or regulations. The letter also stated mentioned it would be appreciated if we asking managers for permission.
  4. One: Ron Morgan Two: US Army, US Army National Guard Three: 1967-1969 Army Active Duty, 1980-2003 Army National Guard Four: SP-5, CW4 Five: 111BO Helicopter Pilot Six: Ft Leonard Wood, MO - Oakland Army Base - Shelbyville, IN - Grand Ledge, MI - Port-Au-Prince, Haiti My wife Jean was the US Army stationed in Oakland, CA where we met and were married in 1969.
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