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  1. I have been plagued with this problem and jeep dealers have replaced every part that can be replaced and the problem still exists. Urge everyone with this problem to email CEO Sergio Marchionne detailing your problems. His e-mail address is: Sergio.Marchionne@Chrysler.com The last time I had a big problem with car not starting it only took about 3 days and I was assigned a person with a direct telephone number and it didn't take long to get the problem solved. Written words seem to go further than spoken words to a customer help person. At first they replaced the motor to the tune of $785 which took 28 days to get, and only then by my e-mail to the CEO. Then they replaced the module this month to the tune of $375, the problem changed from not going into neutral into not coming out of neutral. Had only gotten one week into a planned 30 day trip. In a strange town, Atlanta, GA, and couldn't get into a shop for a week, so decided to tow it back to my dealer. Sent CEO e-mail yesterday and am waiting for a reply. Have plenty of bills for flashing, dignostics, car rentals towing, extra days at campgrounds etc: Just had a call from Chrysler to request information and he said that he would have someone take care of this problem, time will tell. Jim Reid Rocky Mount, NC reidje99@aol.com 305-781-4007
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