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  1. Milo and Jimmy, Wow, great response...thanks so much for the info. I will certainly join the CC International and look to the other forums as well. We are located in Las Vegas although we are in San Diego on a trip right now. This is our dream coach...really looking forward to meeting other Country Coach owners! TJ
  2. Thanks Steve and Bill....not sure what they had in the coach before...there was a non-HD receiver in the coach but also some unconnected Direct TV wires that gave an impression they had more than one reciever. Mine is not HD so this could be the problem. I also did not understand that the King Dome swapped between satelites so I will play with that... TJ
  3. We just bought a 2006 Country Coach Magna and I have a numerous questions I hope some of you may be able to help me with...the dealer we bought it from was not a Country Coach dealer and was not much help in giving us an orientation. Entry step: I can't get the entry step to stop going in and out every time I open/close the door. There is a switch by the door that one would think would control this...but if I turn that switch off the step remains in all the time. If I turn it on it goes in/out every time I open the door, if I turn it off when the step is out with the door open, it still closes when I shut the door. Any ideas? Awning: We have Zip Dee awnings (powered). The main awning goes out as soon as I turn the awning power switch to on without ever hitting the main awning extend button. Sometimes it won't go out initially but some time later it will just go out on its own. Wind sensor seems to work fine because it retracts on its own when the wind picks up. I was thinking I might just have a bad switch. Aqua Hot: What do you need to put in the Aqua Hot system...I read the manual and it said Propylene Glycol based water and antifreeze. I went to an auto parts store and they did have some antifreeze (pink winterizing antifreeze) that was PG based but it seems strange to put that in the Aqua Hot so I did not put it in yet. Direct TV: We have the king dome sat system for direct tv. All seems to look like it is working...get the flashing green light that turns into solid green indicating it has found a sat on the king dome remote, but my direct tv just keeps saying it is searching for a sat. Previous owner did have direct tv also. Rear Camera: We have a rear camera and two side cameras...when I go in reverse or put on the blinker, the correct camera pops up on the in dash display, but I can't find a way to continuously display the rear camera...I like to keep it on the monitor the tow car and traffic. Any thoughts? Sorry for a bunch of newbie questions but I appreciate any help you can provide! TJ
  4. I have read through many posts on these topics with what appears to be quite a wide spectrum of opinions on the value of the extended warranties. Typically folks that have had a bad experience tend to be more vocal...is there anyone out there that has had a positive experience with making claims on an extended warranty? We just purchased a 2006 Country Coach and my interest in the warranty is not so much for the nickel and dime repair but that catastrophic event that could quickly go to serious money. We have only a year left on the engine/tranny warranty. I am very interested in any personal experience with larger repairs. Also interested in anyone using "American rv warranties" or "Go RV Waranty." Thanks in advance for any responses! TJ
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