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  1. This switch would not be a drop down, we currently have a Phaeton 42QRH which has been an awesome coach. That said, we're looking to move up to the next model which in the Tiffin brand would be the Allegro Bus. We are not impressed with the current Bus floorplans and absolutely love the Tour floorplan and ammenities, we've heard equally as good things about Winnebago service & support and therefore feel it's time to switch brands. Hope this helps... again our 09 Phaeton was a great purchase & has been a wonderful ride!
  2. We are looking to order a new Tour GD next year and seek recommendations for a great dealer to work with. When we bought our current Tiffin I did all negotiations via email, dealer location doesn't really matter to us as we are full timers who travel continually. I found a great dealer at Davis Motorhome Mart who gave us 28% off MSRP and painless shopping for our Tiffin purchase, the 1st time we actually talked to our salesman was when we arrived to accept delivery of our coach. I am now looking to establish the same sort of relationship with a Winnebago dealer... all advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. FYI it's really been a great rally... my favorite part (so far) was the parade, it was so much fun even the rain held off til it was over!
  4. Not us, we're headed to the Bristol race in March, but I'm sure you will have an awesome time!
  5. We are at the Tampa Supershow & fell in love with the 2013 Itasca Eclipse 42GD. With the exception of only 1 sink in the bathroom this model with it's 55' Samsung TV on the wall & the chassis technology is so innovative compared to most. We currently own a Tiffin Phaeton which we love, we are comfortable with the Tiffin products & know very little about Winnebago/Itasca products. We are full timers so need a coach thats durable as well as comfortable, any feedback from current/prior owners is greatly appreciated.
  6. We're going to the Brooksville Rally.... Can't wait!
  7. We've considered purchasing a lot but each time we do the math we decide against it, It just isn't cost effective vs. renting unless you're going to spend most of your time there which is yet to be the case for us.
  8. We have a PMB in South Dakota and have used it with FIdelity for years now with no issues. I never mentioned to them that it was a PMB, for all intents & purposes everyone thinks it's an apartment not a PO.
  9. Yes, we use our mail forwarding address on everything from tax returns to directv bills, the only time we use anything else is when we're at a location long enough to have packages shipped directly to the park (longer than 1 week) and even then our billing address is still our mail forwarding address. Hope this helps, and welcome to the full time world!
  10. I agree with everything djpauls said... we spent 5 years going to RV Rallies and renting various RV's before making the commitment to sell the house & hit the road. Our test runs allowed us to see if we could be compatible in a small space, if we liked the RV crowd, if we were up to the lifestyle & if it was really something we wanted to do. Also consider how much you want to travel & how much you're willing to be away from the grandkids. We've been fulltiming for 2 1/2 years and love it, but it's not for everyone and would be costly if you jumped in & changed your mind.
  11. This isn't in your neighborhood but we had one installed on our 2008 Ford F150 by Hitch Pro & Tow in Eugene OR. Ours works great, perhaps they can help (?). http://www.hitchproandtow.net/index.php
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