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  1. We have a 2009 Monaco Diplomat and we are having issues with the jacks. After having our coach parked for the summer (in use) we were getting ready to leave for a trip with kids, grandkids for the long weekend. The front jack would not go up. Then, the rear jacks would not go back down. After some work, they managed to get the front jack up and we went on our way. Upon arriving we decided to not try to put down jacks, fearing more issues. We opened the rear slides without problems. Upon extending the front slides, not only were both front slides responding to just one button being pushed (all four slides have their own button), but the front jack also extended! At the end of our weekend, we once again worked on it to manually lift it back up so we could go home. Again front slides intermittently responding together. So here it sits on our lot without jacks down. Anyone else had this issue? Suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Hi! My husband and I bought our Monaco Diplomat just prior to the Bankrupcy of Monaco. We also have had some issues, left unresolved because of it. We were told that since Monaco was no longer in business we would have to rely on the manufacturers of all the different components and their individual waranties. We have managed to take care of some of the issues ourselves thru some "internet" searches for parts etc., but recently have had something that so far we haven't solved. They involved the jacks and the slides. We're still trying to solve the mystery. Where exactly is the service center you were talking about? You seemed to be quite happy with them, is that still true? I know from experience that what seemed to be a good service experience can change in a matter of hours! What you thought was fixed, really wasn't. You don't figure that out till you are some distance away from that service center. As such, we try to fix everything ourselves. This however may need a trained tech. Any info you can share as to "ESC"(I'm guessing that's Elkhart Service Station)? we would greatly appreciate. It's easy to find the coach of your dreams! Just not so easy to find a good RV Service Center. You also mentioned coming back to find you coaches parked in their sites ready and waiting. Does that mean they have camping sites there also? Looking forward to hearing from you! Nancy & Wayne
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