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  1. Tom, Well written as mentioned ! One item not listed in the Alternator service, was the condition of the bearings.

    I'm sure he checked the bearings. No mention that they where replaced or checked in your write up though..

    As they say, the devil is in the details. 

    Always enjoy reading you entries. I do get to them, all be it a little tardy most of the time. LOL


  2. Tom, Just got back on the internet today for the first time in weeks. Lost the internal WiFi transmitter - that was very intermittent and not real easy to replace, so I got one that uses any USB port.

    I have never been a fan of intermittent problems.

    Glad you got around the loop with no real issue(s).

    As you mentioned the area is far from being over developed.

    Real glad you enjoyed the trip. It is an area that many will just avoid and miss so much.

    The French do not make it easy in regards to translating information into any other language.

    You might have experienced a few times that if you struggle or attempt to speak French, that many will then speak very good English.


  3. Got to be honest, I travel with a girl that is always trying new recipes ! Never sure what we are going to eat allot of the time. When on the road we cook what is in season, when items are fresh at road side stands.

    We do have some favorite's that we go back to.

    So here are two books that travel with us.

    Meals- Better Homes and Gardens ISBN-0-696-21546-2

    Company is Coming, Slow cooker Recipes. This one covers item other them just meals, like Appetizers, Breads, Cakes, Desserts, Beverages. Check out there Web sight--companyscoming.com

    Enjoy you cooker and eat well !! (-;


  4. Tom, Glade to hear the damage to the sidewall of the coach was not that bad.

    The DW has been going through the double vision issue for the last 2 years. Its kind of under control with special lenses, but when they get out of ajustment she has 2 of everything cumming at her. Makes for some interesting reactions with vehicles coming down the road !

    We wish Louise a quick recovery !

  5. Glad you missed all the gator parts !!! We ate one on the way North about 3 years ago. All we could do is slow down, no place to run to or hide. Did get the speed down some, running the middle lane and the Class A did take a hit. All the LP lines run along the passenger side, I took the gator hit on the left side, one of those new supper tires and it was 95% intact. The noise was something no one wants to hear.

    Fiberglass and some welded points where quickly disconnected as we moved to the side of the road.

    We where lucky with no broken air, LP or control systems.

    The car following got the worst of it as the gator exited from under the coach and quickly removed the front spoiler and right front fender.

    We where not pulling a toad or it could have been our car.


  6. Hi Andy, By chance do you know or have a shop in the area with CNC machines. Using the mentioned part for a pattern to get the proper couture's and mounting hole, then having one made might be an option.

    The free trade agreements have opened up a new Pandora's box regarding suppliers and availability.

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