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  1. Here is a thread on another forum along with footprints
  2. BEFORE YOU DO THAT... The only ground return for that thermocouple is through the mounting brackets. If you haven't done it, remove all the brackets and give any piece that contacts another piece of metal to make sure there is SOLID contact. A star lockwasher on those bracket screws won't hurt either. Any guesses how I know? Wanna buy a new and unused control board?
  3. Must be nice to have the space to even carry 4ea. 8D's, but that's not reality for 99% of the rig's that have Norcolds installed. There have been several rev's of the fail-safe boxes, I think they are at rev.'D' or above at this point. That was just bad engineering, the company had plenty of time to beta test those before releasing them. Robert: Did yours fail on AC or LP?
  4. I think I would be really careful with a super sudser like Dawn when using a Macerator. That sounds like a formula for suds cavitation and no way to vent it when the tank is open.
  5. Born and raised in Los Angeles, but have been going to Texas for the last 10 years with a company CC, and try them all in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas areas and become really picky on the BBQ Sauce, but it all starts with the rub. As Bill says, and what for 1st is a little roadside place the looks like grampa built it over the weekend, usually has no parallel walls and a floor to match, and when you walk in it smells like it just burned down (anyone around Burnet, TX will know this place). A sign that says "we process game" gets another 25 points. For the more "normal" places: Any Rudy's in Austin, none in San Antonio County Line- Austin B&B Smokehouse- San Antonio Luling BBQ- Houston
  6. Looks like you might come up a tad short:
  7. I just had this discussion with the folks a Crutchfield last week. My bid deal was a remote that attaches to the steering wheel as does the Magnadyne. I need to review the emails and post the part numbers, but there is only one manufacturer, Pioneer I think that has one. More: here's the link to the remote: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_130CDSR100/Pioneer-CD-SR100.html?tp=2833
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