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  1. Over the years I have had both GS and CN In 07 when I bought my coach it came with Coachnet. For that I was grateful as Monaco, I think, built mine during the marijuana harvest. But that's another story. Coachnet was great and, because of my Monaco coach problems, I used them regularly. My problem was in Alaska. If you have driven the Alaska Highway you will probably understand. About 30 miles toward Alaska from Whitehorse my radiator sprung a leak. I had protected it but perhaps the rock went up and over my protection or perhaps a seam split. So I parked along side the road and my wife drove back to WH to call Coachnet. When she reached them they insisted on knowing the cross streets.after about 10 minutes of talk she convinced them there were no cross streets but had mile markers. Then they told her that the tow would not be covered if it was a rock that caused the leak. She told them she didn't know what caused the leak and the shop would have to figure it out. Whether it CN or GS they only have one tow truck that can haul a 40 foot MH. So it was sent.. I can't complain about the time, probably 4 to 6 hours. The driver was polite. He didn't see a need to disconnect the drive-shaft but I insisted and he did it. He also destroyed the front air bag regulator wen he hooked it up. He towed us back to WH and to a shop he felt was the best for us. I think he was correct. I told them what we were told about the rock and radiator by coachnet. When we got the radiator back the next day I was quite a surprise to find that a seam had split causing the leak. So the tow was covered. I had to pay everything up front because the shop wouldn't deal with coach-net because of unreliable payments. I was told that if I had GS there wouldn't have been any problem. They paid their bills on time and I wouldn't have had to pay of the tow. I don't fault CN for the driver as GS would probably have sent the same guy. My problem was with their Dispatcher and Coach-net's policy about radiators. When my contract was up I switched GS and haven't had a problem with their service or contractors. Coach-net did finally reimburse me for the tow but it never should have happened in the first place. I'm happy to see the competition between the two companies and wish there were more companies available. If you are driving to AK I wouldn't leave home without some type of ERS. Sometimes the distances are great between where you break down and the nearest shop so be sure you have unlimited mileage. And check you policy to see if a rock caused leak is covered.
  2. I was about 25 miles west of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway when my radiator light came on. Apparently a rock had gone over my protective screen and punched a hole in the rad. We unhooked and my wife drove back to WH to call Coach net. Up to that time I was very satisfied with their service and had renewed regularly. The lady on the phone wanted to know the cross streets. There weren't any. My wife tried to explain that to her and after about 20 minutes she finally convinced her that if the driver set his odometer when he passed the place where she was he would have no problem finding us. Then we were told that if the damage was do to a rock we would be responsible for the towing because that isn't covered. We were also informed that we would have to pay the full amount and would be reimbursed when we sent the bill. There was only one truck in Whitehorse big enough to bring my rig back. The tow truck was plenty big enough to take our 40 foot back but the driver didn't want to disconnect the drive shaft. I insisted and he did it. When we got to the garage we were told that if we had Good Sam the towing would have been taken care of. I think he said they don't use Coach Net because they have a problem getting their money. The driver also broke the front leveling system when he hooked us up but duct tape fixed that. At the garage I told then what we were told about the radiator and a rock. The next day we were on the road with a fixed radiator.The diagnosis was a split seam not a rock. Coach Net did pay when I sent the bill but because of the problems I switched to Good Sam. The next year we were on our way west from FL when the serpentine belt broke. We overheated but were able to make it to a rest stop. The Good Sam tow was there in about 30 minutes. He said he could fix it on the spot or tow us to a shop. He had to go to town to get a belt but about 90 minutes later we were on the road. I'll stick with Good Sam until they give me a reason not to. . I think the both companies contract with the same tow companies so that wasn't why I switched. Until the Incident in Whitehorse I never had a problem with Coach Net but after that I don't want to take a chance.
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