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  1. Has anyone traveled to or planning to travel to Essex Junction this July for FMCA's 2011 Northeast Area Rally? Was wondering what there is to do there besides the factory tour at Ben and Jerry's? We also plan to go to Alexandria Bay, N.Y., to do the 1000 island boat tour. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance. Lance and Alice
  2. Thanks to all for the information. We are looking forward to going to the rally in February.
  3. We are thinking about going to this rally on February 2 thru 6, 2011 at the Hernando County Airport in Brooksville, FL? We are told it is dry camping and was wondering if there will be fresh water trucks or city water available? Also will there be honey wagons available? We may have several people from our chapter to attend and would like to be grouped together. Any suggestions or information will be appreciated.
  4. 1. Lance Chapman 2. USAF 3. 4 years '62 - '66 4. E-4 5. Missle Electronic Tech. 6. Altus AFB, Vandenburg AFB
  5. We think LazyDays have a great service center. We just left there and they addressed all our problems to our satisifaction. I would highly reccomend them. Do call for an appointment, they are getting really busy.
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