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  1. We're about 10-15 miles south of C'burg. Just a mile north of the Md line.
  2. Grew up near you, live north of Hagerstown (in PA) now, just off I81. We've run your route many times. We've also been able to run south on 81 to cross over to I95 south of Richmond and avoid the worst of Bmore/DC beltways. Stop for fuel in South Carolina, since it is the cheapest, is always our plan to get through GA. Not Titusville, but we've stayed at Jetty Park for Cape Canavaral.
  3. We drove the reverse of you last spring. I90 was a breeze, stayed in Mitchell, SD We camped at Custer State Park-Game Lodge and used this as a base from Badlands to all the Caves, and monuments. We drove out to Devils Tower NP and Deadwood from there. We were there a week, and were busy everyday. I made the reservations a good bit ahead, it wasn't when we were there, but I understand it can be crowded and forget about it during Sturgis, they're sold out then. (try to do the wildlife loop and the park rangers were excellent there). From Custer SD, 84n to I94 (tough crosswind) to Medora. (TRNP) Red Tail Campground (tight) I94 to Fargo (wallys). I94 to Chippawa Falls Wi (Leinenkrugel Brewery-free samples!). Very nice Wallys there. The interstates ended there for us and we started cross country. None of the roads were difficult Take the sunset boat tour at Picture Rocks, but ALWAYS dress warm. We went out July 2. Went prepared for the night cool, but was still cold. The Soo was a good stop. If you're going through Duluth, I hope you stop at the Apostle Islands. We were disappointed we couldn't make it there.
  4. When we visited the Painted Desert, we actually stayed at the Meteor Crater CG. We found it was a good hub for a numerous places to see. Walnut Canyon, Sunset Volcano, the Crater, Winslow, Petrified forest, Painted Desert, Flagstaff, etc.
  5. We spent 2 weeks on Bahia Honda at the state park in October. Because it's inexpensive and very nice, it may be hard to get a campsite.
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