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  1. This is our 5th Winnebago product and our last 2 have had windshield leaks. Our 05 Adventurer had leaks from the rust problem, but they were sealed using "Proseal 34" a clear wet or dry marine sealer along the top of the windshield. Duncan systems later replaced the glass due to cracks in the glass from an impact. They sanded the metal to remove the rust, primed it with a spcial primer and replaced the glass. No more leaks. They advised us that many leaks start from people who close their large slides and don't leave a window open to relieve the pressure. If you don't think a lot of pressure is created, put your hand by the open window when closing a slide. All of the chassis problems, missing filters etc. come from the chassis builder not the coach builder.
  2. Petit easypoxy, used the same product and proceedure a year ago - still looks like new. The previous post looks like mine from RV-net lwasouth
  3. Our 2005 Itasca Horizon had similar sun damage to the fiberglass roof. I cleaned with TSP and then coated it with White Petit "EASYPOXY". I taped off the perimeter. cut it in with a brush and finished with a roller. This was all done 1 year ago and the roof still looks like new. The reason for the TSP was in the event the previous owner had used a wax type product, it had to all be removed prior to recoating. It will take about 2/3 of a gallon and can be purchased from a marine supplier
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