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  1. I suggest you look into getting a Palm Pre Plus Smart Phone from Verizon. It has a FREE hotspot for 5 devices (5gb/mo). Phone was $40. We purchased it at a Verizon strore..when we walked out, the phone was ready to wirelessly connect our laptop to the internet. An IPad is great to have, too.....you don't have to get the version with the 3G if you have the Palm Pre Plus. (The 3G IPad will cost you $200 more, will not connect your laptop, and you have to connect through AT&T for $20/mo for 5gb.) The Ipad has wonderful applications available to purchase such as Where To?, AllStays Camp & RV, RV Parks HD, Parks, Goby, etc. Most of these applications are free or less than $2 each. Google them and see how useful they are. It takes seconds for the passenger to turn on IPad and connect to the internet....not a long wait to boot up like laptops. Its a nice size screen..smaller than a laptop but much bigger than an IPhone. Prevents eye strain. Best Buy usually has a display where you can try one before you buy. Hope this helps!
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