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  1. Danshan432, I know this is off topic but who was the dealer for the 35f and remodel with stacked w/d? Thanks Ralph
  2. Thanks for the info Meltonfoto! We decided to purchase the 2012 Melbourne 29D. We have taken it on a couple weekend trips and we love it. It could be a little bigger and have more storage but then it wouldn't ride as nice or handle as good on the road. We like it!! Thanks Ralph
  3. I am seeking information about the 2012 Jayco Melbourne 29D. We have test driven one and really like it and would like to hear from current owners pros & cons about the model. Thanks Ralph
  4. I second what skyking8 has done! Cut to fit inside the windshield, it reflects the heat back out of the coach, nice and dark and cool inside while taking a nap! Rolls up for easy storage and easy to install. Coach is a lot cooler and the DW is happier! Life is great!
  5. 1 Ralph Lowery 2 US Army 3 E-4 4 1971-1974 Enlisted South Korea, Ft Hood (Armor Recon) Rat Patrol 5 La. National Guard E-6 OCS school 1979-1980
  6. I have started doing a bit of research on the Craddlepoint MBR95 and it seems to be the unit that would suit my needs for the RV. I would like to get a Wilson external antenna and signal booster for my Iphone and use the AT&T 3G/4G USB data card. Has anyone used the Wilson external RV/Truckers antenna?
  7. I have the Ready Brute Towbar & Braking system. I have limited experience with the system, but everytime I have used it, it has done very well, no problems and hookup is easy. KISS makes life less complicated and more enjoyable!
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